Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Ponders Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption on Twitter

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, believes that blockchain will help the crypto space to reach 5 billion users.

Top 8 Credible Blockchain News Websites That Are Worth Reading in 2020

You might be familiar with the term “blockchain” if, during the recent years, you have been using cryptocurrency. Yet, if you search about it, you may find different definitions. We bring you one simple version: blockchain is a list of records, also known as a database or a” public book” that records bitcoin transactions.

Opinion: Is Bitcoin Ready for Day to Day Use? Could my Parents Figure It Out?

Technology and the Older Generations, Will Blockchain and Bitcoin Find a Userbase With Them?

Freewallet.Org Features for Crypto Newbies and Skilled Users

Freewallet is a fintech company that has been a part of the crypto scene since 2016. It provides 3M users with apps for mobile devices and a web version of a wallet for 100+ cryptocurrencies. There are also standalone wallets for 30+ coins, such as BTC, ETH, XMR and more. The company produces simple and cost-effective payment tools with the aim of making crypto more available to everyone.

Blockchain: Emergence of a New Breed of Tax Professionals in the Digital VAT World

Governments around the world are seeking new sources of revenue, and value-added tax (VAT) is the key revenue driver and the largest contribution to governmental budgets. Each year billions of dollars are lost in tax revenue due to non-compliance, evasion, fraud, and non-collection.

Crypto-Candidate Andrew Yang Officially Withdraws, Blockchain Loses Ally

Crypto-Candidate Andrew Yang Officially Withdraws, Blockchain Loses Ally

What Will Cryptocurrency Speeds Look Like in 2020?

Each year, more people are converted to the benefits of cryptocurrency. Some are spurred to make the change from traditional fiat currency based on the security and safety features that are present in the blockchains. Others are increasingly convinced it's the future of finance by the transaction speed that cryptocurrency offers.

Block.one Settles with SEC to the Tune of $24 Million

Blacksburg startup Block.one has agreed to pay $24 million (HK$ 188 million) in fines to settle the allegations of unlawfully selling its ICO (initial coin offering) to US investors. The blockchain company had raised several billion dollars between 2017 and 2018 by selling its own digital currency.

Opinion: Here are Three Reasons Why China is Afraid of Cryptocurrencies

The Chinese government is quietly seen making attempts to disable the operations of cryptocurrencies in the country. On the other hand, the Chinese state is seen dedicated to promoting the case uses of blockchain. This appears as a contradiction. But let’s understand why China is afraid of cryptocurrencies.

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