Positives Out of the Wuhan Coronavirus: Blockchain Educators in the City

Scott Barron   Feb 09, 2020 22:55 2 Min Read


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For many outside of China, the city of Wuhan is now identified as being ground zero for the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, but some amazing innovation has come out of China's seventh biggest city in recent years. 

Already established as a major motor manufacturing hub, the region is also making waves in the blockchain space and pressing ahead with educating about the technology in centers.

Based in Wuhan, Tech4 Blockchain is going from strength to strength, supporting the vibrant blockchain community in the province and it has formed close ties with the blockchain center of the Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Wuhan.  

Local governments in cities like Wuhan are eager to boost innovation and cultivate the next big technology unicorns, pledging millions to build high-technology parks and offer tax exemptions to big companies willing to open up offices and bring talent to the region.  

Even before President Xi Jinping's support of blockchain was revealed, over ten universities in China have launched blockchain courses including a research center in Hainan province which is working with University College, Oxford in the UK to jointly promote technology and develop expertise.  This joint approach is fantastic news for both countries however for the dissemination and sharing of knowledge to truly prosper, more cooperation between public and private sectors is needed.  China's digital currency will be a key enabler, not just for a new host of financial products but by bringing never seen before levels of automation, between suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers. 

This, combined with the fantastic opportunities to digitize trade finance and supply chains that will emerge from the Belt and Road Initiative is extremely exciting.


Image by CDC via Unsplash

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