An Oracle helps communicate data using smart contracts connecting the real world and blockchain. The oracle finds and verifies events and gives this information to the smart contracts on the blockchain.

Coinbase Reportedly Planning to Go Public This Year—Paving the Way for the Next Phase of Crypto Adoption
According to sources, Coinbase has started planning for a stock market listing this year, which would make it the first major US cryptocurrency exchange to go public.
Coinbase Welcomes New Chief Legal Officer from Facebook's Legal Team: Introducing Paul Grewal
Coinbase proudly announced in a July 8 blog post that a new addition will be made to the crypto exchange’s legal team. Paul Grewal, a former US magistrate judge in California and Deputy General Counsel for Facebook, will be joining the ranks of the digital currency exchange.
Charles Hoskinson to Airdrop Kanye Coin and Pierce Coin to Demonstrate Cardano’s Multi-Asset Standard
With just one more day to go with the availability of participants being able to interact with the Shelley mainnet launched on June, 30; Charles Hoskinson, the founder, and CEO of Input Output (IOHK), the blockchain engineering firm behind the Cardano blockchain, took it to his “Ask me anything” (AMA) session on Youtube, addressing the recent news on the US Presidential candidates, Kanye West and Brock Pierce.
Blockchain Industry Will Be Valued at $21 Billion Globally by 2025, Research Suggests
A research study by Fortune Business Insight, a market reporting and consulting firm, suggests the global blockchain industry will be valued at a mammoth $21 billion in the next five years. The report explored the rise of financial technology and blockchain companies working towards financial inclusion and targeting developing countries and regions to leverage growth. Such regions, incidentally, have witnessed a growth in educated talent in the past decade, and are well-suited to interact with and understanding distributed ledger mechanisms.
Blockchain Against Corona: How the World Health Organization Uses DLT Compared to the Rest of the Globe
With disruptive technology including blockchain being continuously deployed to tackle the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen to partner with leading technology and blockchain companies to build a distributed ledger technology-based platform to share data.
IBM and Oracle Collaborate on Interoperability Work for Their Blockchains to Communicate With Each Other
IBM and Oracle have announced that they are collaborating to build an interoperability initiative to allow their blockchains to be able to communicate with each other.
Ontology Teams Up with Chainlink to Solve the Oracle Problem by Creating Externally Connected Smart Contracts
In an effort to foster the Ontology network, the platform has announced its decision to collaborate with Chainlink to build data-driven smart contracts with end-to-end security and reliability, which is centered on solving what they identified as the oracle problem.

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