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Oracle and Palantir Collaborate to Enhance Cloud and AI Capabilities

Ted Hisokawa Jul 09, 2024 14:56

Oracle and Palantir have announced the certification of Palantir’s Foundry and AI Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enhancing AI capabilities for businesses and governments.

Oracle and Palantir Collaborate to Enhance Cloud and AI Capabilities

Oracle and Palantir have entered into a collaboration to enhance cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. According to, Palantir’s Foundry Platform and Artificial Intelligence Platform (AIP) are now certified on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and are generally available across all of Oracle’s distributed cloud deployment options.

Enhanced AI and Cloud Capabilities

The integration of Palantir’s AI and decision acceleration platforms with Oracle’s distributed cloud, AI infrastructure, and sovereign AI capabilities aims to accelerate AI initiatives for businesses and governments. The certification ensures that Palantir's platforms can leverage Oracle's robust cloud infrastructure to deliver enhanced performance, efficiency, and security.

Josh Harris, an executive at Palantir, commented on the partnership, stating, “Together with Oracle, we’re helping our global customers take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud computing and AI while meeting their regulatory, performance, and security needs.”

Global Availability and Support

Palantir’s Foundry and AIP are certified on OCI and are available across various OCI offerings, including public cloud regions, OCI Dedicated Regions, Oracle Alloy, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, Oracle Government Cloud, Oracle Roving Edge, and Oracle’s air-gapped regions for defense and intelligence customers. This extensive availability ensures that customers can deploy these platforms in a manner that best suits their operational and regulatory requirements.

Rand Waldron, vice president at Oracle, emphasized the benefits of this collaboration, noting, “Oracle’s powerful and flexible cloud infrastructure, combined with Palantir’s decision acceleration platforms, helps customers rapidly scale AI capabilities across their operations. This will enable customers to get the most value out of their data, while meeting their sovereignty and security standards.”

Oracle’s Unique Position in the Market

Oracle distinguishes itself as the only hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and a comprehensive suite of over 100 cloud services across dedicated, public, and hybrid cloud environments globally. With OCI’s sovereign cloud offerings, customers can meet stringent regulatory, security, and performance requirements while benefiting from the full capabilities of cloud and AI technologies.

This collaboration between Oracle and Palantir is poised to significantly impact how businesses and governments leverage AI and cloud computing, driving innovation and operational efficiency across various sectors.

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