Non-digital currencies issued and backed by the jurisdictions of various regions. Examples include the US dollar, British pound, Euro, Chinese Yuan, and Japanese Yen.

Bank of America Considers Bitcoin and Crypto Transactions to be Equivalent to Cash
Bank of America is considering Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins to be cash equivalent, and will treat crypto-related transactions as cash advances. Adjustments to the fees in that category of transactions will also be made.
Binance Completed Their "Largest Upgrade" in 2 years, What was Improved?
Binance upgrades its cryptocurrency exchange platform and says it the biggest upgrade they've done in years.
Singapore Consults China on Central Bank Digital Currency
Singapore is considering a partnership with China as it works on developing a Central Bank Digital Currency dubbed Project Ubin
Ziglu Mobile Banking App Makes Cryptocurrency Easy for Everyone
Ziglu, the first UK regulated cryptocurrency bank, has launched its platform app after successfully completing its testing phase.
Chinese Banks Clarify on Crypto Account Freezing Despite Alipay’s Crypto Ban Last Year
China’s banks were rumored to be freezing client accounts that have a history associated with the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. However, according to a recent report, Chinese banks have clarified that this is not the case, and they are not shutting down any legal fiat to crypto accounts.
Bitcoin Adoption is the Ultimate Protest Against Government and State Abuse of Freedoms
As protests break out across the globe against state and central authorities, are the protesters overlooking their best and most potent weapon in Bitcoin? Bitcoin in essence, was built for protest and could potentially destabilize the central source of power for our governments—control over traditional financial systems.
Binance Accused by Chinese State Media of Operating Cryptocurrency Exchange in China
Chinese state media has reported that Binance is still supporting local users trading cryptocurrency, despite China banning all exchanges in 2017.
Goldman Sachs Invites Investors to Conference Call on Bitcoin, Gold and Crisis Markets
Goldman Sachs is preparing to host a conference call with its top investors to discuss the impact of the current economic crisis on inflation, gold, and Bitcoin.
Want Bitcoin's Price to go up? Bet on People, Not Inflation
We can't predict how the global financial situation will play out, nor how government interventions will affect international financial systems. If all you care about is the price of bitcoin, focus on people, not monetary policy.
Myanmar says Cryptocurrencies are Banned, but Local Users Disagree
Even though the Myanmar government said earlier this month that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not legal tenders in the country, fanatics continue to interact with the technology.

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