What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. With the underlying technology blockchain, bitcoin has redefining money in terms of money form, money issuance standard and money movement. Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million coins and uses proof-of-work (POW) consensus. In some sense, bitcoin removes our reliance on central banks and traditional financial institutions that we have to trust on. Bitcoin brings monetary freedom.

Animoca Brands refutes claims of scaling back metaverse fund target and plummeting valuation
Animoca Brands denied reports of scaling back its metaverse fund target by $200 million and a decrease in valuation from $6 billion to $2 billion. The firm acknowledged the impact of banking collapses but stressed that fundraising is still ongoing.
Animoca Brands Cuts Metaverse Fund Target to $800M
Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based developer of blockchain gaming technology, has reduced its target for its metaverse fund by 20% to $800 million due to volatility in the crypto sector. The company's market capitalization has also fallen from $6 billion to below $2 billion, signaling a change in sentiment in the crypto industry.
Animoca Brands refutes claims of scaled back metaverse fund and plummeting valuation
Venture capital firm Animoca Brands denies claims of reducing its metaverse fund target by $200 million and a significant drop in its valuation, citing inaccurate reporting. The firm acknowledges the impact of banking collapses on fundraising but states that the final amount raised for the fund is yet to be determined.
Nissan Expands Web3 Efforts with Trademarks and Metaverse Auto Sales
Nissan has filed four new Web3-related trademarks in the US and is experimenting with auto sales in the metaverse in Japan. The trademarks cover its Infiniti, Nismo, and Nissan brands and include plans for virtual goods and a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace. Nissan Japan is conducting a three-month "demonstration experiment" of its virtual store "Nissan Hype Lab," allowing customers to "study, consult, test drive and purchase Nissan vehicles" while in the metaverse. The company's moves are in line with other car manufacturers, including General Motors and Ford, who have also been actively filing trademark applications for Web3, crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse.
South Korea Invests in Metaverse Fund for Economic Growth
The South Korean government has invested 24 billion Korean won ($18.1 million) in a fund dedicated to driving metaverse initiatives in the country, with a total fund of more than 40 billion Korean won ($30.2 million). The Metaverse Fund will support the mergers and acquisitions of various firms in the metaverse ecosystem and help domestic metaverse-related companies compete with global players, as the government sees the metaverse as a new economic growth engine.
Unstoppable Women of Web3 Leads Initiative to Provide Web3 and Metaverse Education for 6 Million African Women
The initiative will consist of free digital identities, educational streams, online courses, in-person networking, and more to bring more women in Africa into Web3 and the metaverse
Multinational Corporations Continue to File Trademarks in Web3, NFTs, and Metaverse
Multinational corporations, including General Motors, Lacoste, and Walmart, have continued to file trademark applications in Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse, despite the broader market downturn. In February alone, General Motors filed for two new trademark applications covering Chevrolet and Cadillac brands, while Lacoste filed five trademark applications for "CHAMPS-ELYSEES." Walmart also filed trademark applications for the "SamsClub" name and logo. Even amid the bear market, record numbers of trademark applications have been filed for NFTs, metaverse, and crypto-related products in 2022.
Colombia Holds Landmark Virtual Court Trial in Metaverse
Colombia's Magdalena Administrative Court conducted a trial in the metaverse on February 15, with participants appearing as avatars in a virtual courtroom. The trial involved a traffic dispute brought by a regional transport union against the police and lasted two hours. The verdict could also be given in the metaverse. Colombia is one of the first countries to test legal proceedings in the metaverse.
Japan's Tech Companies Collaborate to Build Open Metaverse Infrastructure
Several tech companies in Japan have signed an agreement to create the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone and an open metaverse infrastructure called Ryugukoku. The infrastructure will serve as a new social infrastructure for enterprise digital transformation and enable interoperability across different platforms.
NFT Collectors Buy for Status and Uniqueness
A recent survey by Metajuice found that 74% of NFT collectors buy for status and uniqueness, while 13% plan to resell. Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal believes NFTs are becoming status symbols like luxury cars and houses.

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