The Audius protocol provides a blockchain-based alternative to SoundCloud to help artists publish and monetize their work and distribute it directly to fans.

This consists of a first-party app for interacting with the protocol and a reference implementation of the underlying protocol as specified in the whitepaper.

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Hacker Steals $1.1m Worth Crypto from Music Streaming Protocol Audius
Audius decentralised music streaming protocol in a tweet acknowledged the hacking incident. It said $6 million worth of AUDIO tokens were stolen. At least $1.1 million worth of the coins were sold.
Crypto Music Platform Audius Allows Sending Token to Support Artists
Crypto music streaming platform Audius has developed a new feature that allows users to send the platform’s governance tokens to their favourite creators.
Decentralized Streaming Music Service Audius Partners with TikTok to Share Sounds for Artists
The global video streaming platform TikTok and the encrypted music streaming platform Audius have developed a new feature called TikTok Sounds to support users to share sounds to the TikTok platform through Audius.

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