Waste2Wear to Use Blockchain in Tracing the Conversion of Ocean Plastics into Eco-Fabrics

Brian Njuguna   Sep 18, 2019 02:37 1 Min Read - 2019-09-18T110157.101.jpg

Waste2Wear, a Dutch green fabrics company, is set to launch the first-ever fabrics collection from ocean plastics. Expressly, this process will be tracked using blockchain technology

This innovation will be showcased at the international textile fair, Premiere Vision taking place between September 17 and 19. Notably, the fabric collection was revealed on August 20 based on customers’ urge for more traceability of the used recycled materials. 

Ocean plastics have proven to be a menace as they instigate global problems, such as climate change. Waste2Wear is, therefore, doing an incredible job of converting this waste into eco-fabrics and this procedure will be propelled by blockchain technology. Notably, this process is complex as ocean plastics have to go through numerous stages for the textile material to be finished. As a result, precise data records are necessitated. 

The implementation of blockchain technology by Waste2Wear in this undertaking will be instrumental in making the supply chain involved traceable. The application of blockchain technology by Waste2Wear will also be pivotal for ecological intentions. 

This technological innovation is transforming the global society as it is prompting environmental friendly approaches. For instance, on September 4, the Free Democratic Party in Germany stipulated that it could pay anyone using cryptocurrency if he/she aided the removal of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere. 

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