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SUI: SuiNS Adopts @ Symbol for Streamlined Blockchain Identity

Luisa Crawford Jun 18, 2024 09:12

SuiNS updates its naming standard from .sui to @, enhancing identity consistency across Web2 and Web3 platforms.

SUI: SuiNS Adopts @ Symbol for Streamlined Blockchain Identity

SuiNS has introduced a significant update to its naming standard, transitioning from the .sui extension to the @ symbol. This change aims to simplify blockchain identity management and enhance user experience across Web2 and Web3 platforms, according to The Sui Blog.

Introducing SuiNS' New Naming Standard

The shift from .sui to @ is designed to make usernames more intuitive and user-friendly. This change aligns with common Web2 conventions, allowing users to maintain a consistent identity across various platforms. For example:

  • chris.sui becomes @chris
  • degen123.sui becomes @degen123

Both naming conventions will remain usable within the Sui ecosystem, ensuring a smooth transition and continued functionality across tools like Sui Wallet, RPC, and other applications.

Benefits of the @ Symbol

The adoption of the @ symbol is more than a cosmetic update; it strategically enhances user experience. In Web2, the @ symbol is a familiar way to refer to users, companies, or apps. By adopting this convention, SuiNS lowers the barrier to entry for Web2 users engaging with Web3 technologies, fostering greater adoption of the Sui ecosystem. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced User Familiarity: The @ symbol allows users to maintain the same name across different platforms, ensuring a smooth transition to Web3 and a user-friendly onboarding process.
  • Interchangeable Usage: Both .sui and @ names will be used interchangeably within the Sui ecosystem. Whether a user inputs 'chris.sui' or '@chris', the system will resolve it to the same address, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Technical Details

Despite the new naming convention, the underlying infrastructure remains robust. The .sui and @ names are interchangeable and will resolve to the same address within the Sui ecosystem. NFT metadata will retain the .sui notation, and NFT lookups will continue to display the .sui format. RPC lookups will support both notations, providing backward compatibility. Return values from RPC or contracts will continue to use the .sui notation, with clients responsible for converting these into the @ notation if needed.

This dual compatibility ensures a smooth transition and allows users to interact with the system according to their preferences. These changes will be supported across all key platforms within the Sui ecosystem, including Sui Wallet, explorers, and various RPC and SDK tools.

Identity for a Connected World

As the Sui ecosystem grows, maintaining consistent and recognizable identities becomes increasingly important. The transition from .sui to @ in SuiNS represents a forward-thinking approach to digital identity, embracing familiar Web2 conventions to help users navigate and connect across the expanding landscape of Sui apps. This update makes digital identities more accessible and intuitive, reinforcing the foundational role that identities play in online ecosystems.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and updates from SuiNS. For more details, visit the SuiNS docs.

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