Addresses (Cryptocurrency addresses) are used to receive and send transactions on the network. An address is a string of alphanumeric characters, but can also be represented as a scannable QR code.

Ethereum Address Activity Continues Scaling the Heights
Ethereum has been experiencing an uptick in address activity, which has been instrumental in propelling notable momentum.
Ethereum Hits 6-Week High amid Addresses in Profitability Surging
Ethereum reached highs of $1,770; a scenario has last seen on June 10 as more momentum continued trickling into the network.
Ethereum Network Continues to Expand as Non-Zero Addresses Hit ATH
Ethereum has been experiencing notable expansion in its networks as new addresses continue scaling heights.
Social Dominance on Bitcoin Takes the Lead, BTC Addresses Created Hitting 1 Billion
Bitcoin continues to be the talk of the town based on high social dominance levels, according to Santiment.
Bitcoin Addresses at a Loss Hit a 2-Year High as Extreme Fear Engulfs the Market
The bearish momentum witnessed in the Bitcoin (BTC) market has made addresses at a loss to climb to a two-year high.
Stablecoins Wallet Addresses Records 12m with Holding at Least $1m
According to data from CoinMetrics, the total number of wallet addresses holding at least $1 million has topped 12 million.
Bitcoin's Consolidation Continues amid Addresses Holding BTC Scaling the Heights
Bitcoin has consolidated between the $38K and $45K zone for the past two months, as indecisiveness continuously rocks the market, even though BTC addresses continue going through the roof.
Ethereum’s Growth Hit 1.53M New Addresses per Month in 2021
Ethereum capped 2021 on a high with a 399% annual return. This significant run can be linked to the fact that more participants joined the ETH network at a rate of 1.53 million new addresses monthly.
Massive Outflows and Burnt Ether Stimulate Ethereum Scarcity to Continue
Ever since the London Hardfork or EIP-1559 upgrade went live in August 2021, Ethereum’s supply continues to be depleted based on the burning mechanism incorporated.
Non-Zero Bitcoin Addresses Reach Historic Highs, BTC’s On-Chain Settlement Efficiency Goes a Notch Higher
Bitcoin is showcasing itself as one of the most efficient monetary settlement networks, given that it transferred an average of $95,142 for a fee of $1 compared to Ethereum’s $139 in the past week.

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