Spain’s Tarragona Port Seeks to be Blockchain-Powered

Brian Njuguna   Oct 04, 2019 03:02 1 Min Read - 2019-10-04T111552.158.jpg

Spain’s Tarragona port, Autoridad Portuaria de Tarragona, wants to be among the premier ones to be blockchain-enabled. This approach is being prompted by the port’s urge to ease complex processes through this technology. 

Josep Maria Cruset, the port’s president, asserted that blockchain has emerged to be a reckoning force in the modern age as it is among the emerging technologies. As a result, it will be helpful in completely altering logistics. 

Similar sentiments have been echoed by David Gonzalez, the port’s Director of Information Systems, as he stipulated that blockchain technology was transformative.

Gonzalez proclaimed:

“The blockchain saves time, reduces costs, increases trust, and presents advantages such as transparency, immutability, traceability, efficiency in the process, and a lower percentage of errors.”

The top management at the port believes that blockchain technology will be instrumental in satisfying the present social development and economic needs. As a result, it should be adopted promptly for optimal results. Blockchain technology is continuously reigning supreme in different sectors. 

Previously reported, the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) recently collaborated with Igloo, an Australian technology firm, to set up a tenancy agreement program that will be founded on the blockchain technology. This is intended to happen by the end of 2019. This partnership aims to transform Australia’s real estate sector. 


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