Sierra Leone Revamps National ID Infrastructure with Blockchain

Brian Njuguna   Sep 03, 2019 02:02 1 Min Read


Julius Maada Bio, Sierra Leone’s President, has asserted that the nation intends to use blockchain technology in restructuring the national ID network by the end of 2019. He noted that this would be a considerable breakthrough as financial companies will be provided with the chance to authenticate personal identities and create credit histories. 

The ID project will be known as the National Digital Identity Platform (NDIP), it will be a coalition between the United Nations and Kiva, a technology firm, and considerable Sierra Leone’s partner. 

According to NFCW, a tech publication, NDIP will be implemented in two phases. The first will entail the digitization of personal identities, whereas the second involves the creation of non-reusable, non-duplication, and universally accepted National Identification Numbers. 

President Bio stipulated that blockchain technology will be instrumental in propelling the citizen’s access to financial and credit services. As a result, their lives will be enhanced as they will be more financially informed and resilient. 

President Bio also proclaimed that security would be optimized in the new ID infrastructure as the National Civil Registration Authority will be utilized in the storage of every citizen’s data. Additionally, this confidential information will be protected per international standards and guidelines. He proclaimed that the implementation of the blockchain technology was prompted by its ability to generate new records intended for data modification. 

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