Rarible and Adobe Partners to Enhance NFT Security

Godfrey Benjamin   Oct 27, 2021 05:40 2 Min Read

Mainstream Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, Rarible, has partnered with Adobe to improve the authenticity of digital arts created through Adobe Creative Cloud solutions, including Photoshop, Stock, and Behance.

As announced by Rarible, the partnership, which is billed to leverage the marketplace’s own Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), is set to help combat visual misinformation and protect creators through digital provenance.

The artworks created by users on Photoshop can now be linked to social media accounts and wallet addresses which are billed to be displayed on the user’s profile on Rarible.

“Users of the Photoshop desktop app can now link their social media profiles and crypto wallet addresses to their work. That way, they can further assure consumers that they are indeed the creator of their content,” the announcement reads,

“To make sure that the new feature is widely available across the NFT space and collectors can see if the wallet used to create an asset was indeed the same one used to mint, Adobe partnered with Rarible, as well as other key NFT marketplaces, to display Content Credentials.”

NFTs are becoming a major trend in the blockchain ecosystem nowadays. Besides the retail frenzy that is sweeping across the space, the innovation is notably boosting the service rendering of software providers like Adobe, as well as marketplaces like Rarible. With the mainstream adoption of NFTs, security remains a key watchword that many creators will be looking for.

With the Rarible and Adobe partnership, there will be a guarantee that all incoming rewards go to those whom it was meant for. Rarible is considered at the forefront of safeguarding the interests of its creators as it recently introduced a feature where creators can list their items for sale and the minting fee passed on to consumers at the point of purchase. 

While this model is favourable for NFT creators, the question remains how competitive Rarible will appear before collectors amidst a growing emergence of several marketplaces in the ecosystem today.

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