Netherlands CBD Producers Harness Blockchain Technology for Enhanced Traceability

Brian Njuguna   Aug 06, 2020 01:00

A consortium of Netherlands CBD producers called the Cannabinoid Association of the Netherlands (CAN) is leveraging blockchain technology to enhance traceability, accountability, and transparency in the CBD market. 

This has been made possible by launching a free-to-use online search tool dubbed, which enables consumers to track CBD products from seed to shelf with each production line verified using blockchain.

Blockchain gives consumers peace of mind

The group noted that any CBD product having the CAN quality mark could be easily traced and its components authenticated using the blockchain-enabled tool. Users are only required to key in the batch number that will instantly avail test results and the seed-to-shelf journey. 

According to HempFlax CEO Mark Reinders:

“Using today’s blockchain technology to trace the production will give consumers peace of mind when choosing their CBD products online and in-store.”

The blockchain-based system comprises a clear and consistent product content analysis undertaken by accredited laboratories. This guarantees authentic CBD levels, a full spectrum composition, and the lack of contaminants. The information provided also includes all the cannabinoids in a given cannabis plant other than just CBD.

Consumer protection

Reinders acknowledged that blockchain technology was instrumental in offering consumer protection by guaranteeing product quality.

He noted:

“Full traceability combined with a strict quality control regime such as CAN’s is the only way to ensure product quality and protect consumers. We hope to see this level of transparency adopted by CBD producers worldwide as a trustworthy and accountable natural CBD market begins to take shape.”

CBD products like CBD oil are beneficial in reducing depression and anxiety, common in mental health disorders that trigger devastating effects on a person’s well-being and health. 

Recently, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, said that global governments see blockchain technology as a stepping stone to addressing settlement and transparency. For instance, the US government is considering blockchain as one of the technological advancements that will boost traceability and food safety culture.

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