MediLiVes Launches Unique Healthcare App in London

By Jillian Godsil   Nov 26, 2019 4 Min Read

shutterstock_1456655630 (2)-min.jpgMediLiVes, the innovative healthcare platform based on AI and Blockchain technology, launched its App on Saturday 16th November in London. MediLiVes is disrupting the USD 10 million diagnostic industry by partnering with medical practitioners and patients on a single digital platform.

The launch was held at a London city center location with more than 160 people present hailing from more than 31 different countries.  The MediLiVes App will be live on IOS and Android from Friday 22 November. It is free to download.

There are already more than 50,000 in the MediLiVes community across Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is expected the download rate to grow swiftly to 200,000 over the coming months. There are 40 medical doctors vetted and online from countries such as the UK, the US, Malaysia, and Nigeria.  There is also a growing cohort of alternative medical practitioners joining the site in areas such as acupuncture, reiki and alternative medicine disciplines which will help in providing choices.

In developing countries, MediLiVes is setting MediLiVes Health & Wellbeing Cafes where people can check their vital statistics without having to own third-party diagnostic software. This will reduce costs and encourage uptake. In addition, MediLiVes is offering franchise offerings in individual countries.

The costs of taking up Franchise are GBP 50,000, which fee includes the setting up of the cafes, country white labeling of the platform and App, and training for in-country medical and non-medical staff. Already there is a number of interested entrepreneurs looking at Vienna, South Africa, Zambia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Uganda.

People interesting in getting involved can download the app, buy MediLiVes tokens (on the LAToken exchange) or seek equity or franchise opportunities.

At the core of the MediLiVes solution is the ability to prevent possible catastrophic medical emergencies through regular diagnostic check-ups. Working with different healthcare organizations the MediLiVes platform can monitor and store critical patient data. The App is capable of recognizing more than 20 different irregularities in ECG signals making the diagnosis of serious conditions significantly faster.

Using Telemedicine, MediLiVes can reduce the cost of access to personal medical data for algorithmic medical examination models. It also solves the issue of patients not having access to their own data, typically a patient may have data in a number of different silos; hospital, clinics, doctors surgery, etc, but not be able to amalgamate them when necessary.

Founder and CEO Sunny Ahonsi, came up with the idea for MediLiVes after a disastrous A&E experience in London with his son.  “We attended a very busy A&E department for more than ten hours before we were finally seen by the overworked medical staff. It turned out my son was not in any danger, was diagnosed in less than a minute and sent home. This was my aha moment.”

The aha moment crystallized in MediLiVes where telemedicine, underpinned by AI and Blockchain technology, can make a real difference in both preventative and reactive medicine. Users of the App can sign up for an annual subscription as low as GBP 5 a year which allows for unlimited access to diagnostic readings of their data which in turn in stored on the App. Should a user feel unwell or wish for an actual consultation, then they can request access to a real medical officer, using filters such as medical specialty and geographic location.

“MediLiVes is like Uber for medicine-The Uberization of Healthcare,” says Ahonsi. “People can reach out to medical staff when they need it – regardless of their location. This also reduces costs and even more importantly, access to medical care no matter where you fall sick. “

The task of onboarding medical staff is prioritized by strict criteria. All medical officers have to provide their country registered number and in-country medical certificate. This accreditation is checked on a three-month basis to ensure there is no change in practicing status.

“Telemedicine that enables a patient’s health condition to be monitored from a distance is one of the fastest growing industries in the world,” added Ahonsi. “The versatile nature of our core product means that it can find abnormalities not only in cardiology but also in diabetes, dietetics, civilization diseases, and chronic illnesses.”

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