Blockchains incorporate several important features such as immutability, encryption and distributed storage, which combined makes secure peer-to-peer transactions possible and in turn has created the means to end human dependence on credit and thus credit intermediaries. Due to these features, blockchain has been referred to as ‘the Trust Machine’ and is forecasted to transfer the trust from agencies and institutions which are enforced by law to machine-based networks guaranteed by technology and mathematics.

More Troubles for Do Kwon as S. Korea Levies $78M Tax Evasion Fine
Terraform Labs is currently being charged with tax evasion fraud by the South Korean National Tax Service, a move that complicates matters for the startup that is trying to salvage its collapsed ecosystem
Bitcoin Whales Keep Buying the Dip in a Panicky Market
The price of Bitcoin fell below the psychological threshold of $30K, scaring investors. It was preceded by the loss of the dollar peg by UST's stablecoin and the Luna crash.
Chia Network Joins Crypto Lobbying Group Blockchain Association
Chia Network Inc. announced that it has become a member of a Blockchain Association, an industry leader championing the collaboration and innovation necessary to support U.S. leadership in the crypto industry.
Blockchain Gaming N3TWORK Studios Secures $46M in Series A Funding
Blockchain gaming startup N3TWORK Studios has secured $46 million in Series A funding led by venture capital firm Griffin Gaming Partners.
Argo Blockchain Announces 1st Quarter Financial Results
Argo Blockchain has released its financial report for the first quarter of 2022. It showed total quarterly revenue of $19.52 million, up from $17.84 million in the same period last year, attributed to an increase in hash rate over the past year.
Goldman CEO "Big Believer" in Blockchain
David Solomon, the Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs, has said he is a big believer in the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies.
STEPN Commits to Donate $100,000 Monthly towards Carbon Removal
Move-to-earn Web3 running application STEPN has made a commitment to donate $100,000 monthly towards carbon removal as part of its Earth Day goals.
Aventis to Become Asia's 1st Graduate School to Enter Metaverse
Aventis Graduate School unveiled its metaverse roadmap and become Asia's first graduate school to enter the metaverse.
Animoca Brands, Blowfish Studios Announces Closure of Planet Private Sale for Phantom Galaxies
Animoca Brands and Blowfish Studios announced the closure of Planet Private Sale. The Planet Private Sale for Phantom Galaxies sold 7,734 Planets and Asteroids (“Planets”), a kind of NFTs, for a total of US$19.3 million.
Luna Trading Draws Online Discussions in China Despite Crypto Ban
Despite being banned in China, cryptocurrency is gaining attraction in the country as the value of some of the world’s most prevailing digital currencies and Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has increased.

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