IBM’s Blockchain Technology Hand Picked By Coop Italia for Food Traceability

Brian Njuguna   Dec 10, 2019 02:00 1 Min Read - 2019-12-10T101418.256.jpg

Blockchain technology is continuously being embraced in different sectors, and traceability has emerged to be one of its fundamental selling points. 

Coop Italia, the biggest retail chain in Italy, has acknowledged this attribute as it has selected IBM’s blockchain technology to enable its private label brand called Coop Vivi Verde to trace the origin of eggs in its supply chain.

The retailer noted that the solution is founded on a Linux Foundation framework hosted on IBM Cloud, known as Hyperledger Fabric technology.

Blockchain Grants Full Transparency and Visibility

By leveraging on IBM’s blockchain technology, Coop Italia will have full visibility and transparency of the different players taking part in the production chain involving nearly 2 million hens producing at least 200 million eggs annually. 

It has been stipulated that these hens adhere to animal welfare standards. As a result, eggs are sourced based on the laid out requirements. Additionally, they have to be certified by two independent third-party bodies, as well as more standards spelled out by Coop Italia. 

To access information about the eggs’ journey from farm to store, consumers will be required to scan the QR code found on packages and typing the batch code. 

The retailer, therefore, seeks to optimize consumers’ satisfaction levels by deploying blockchain technology and QR codes. 


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