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Fox Corporation and Polygon Unveil "Verify for Blockchain-Based Content Authentication

Fox Corporation partners with Polygon to launch 'Verify', a blockchain-based tool for authenticating digital content. Verify aims to combat AI-generated media and deepfakes, ensuring the integrity of media content in the digital age.

  • Jan 10, 2024 08:05
Fox Corporation and Polygon Unveil "Verify for Blockchain-Based Content Authentication

Fox Corporation has partnered with Polygon to launch 'Verify', a groundbreaking tool designed to authenticate digital content. This innovative protocol, based on the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, marks a pivotal moment in the battle against AI-generated media and deepfakes, ensuring the integrity and provenance of digital media content.

The Challenge of AI-Generated Media

The rapid advancement of AI technologies has led to the proliferation of AI-generated content, ranging from articles and audio to images. This has posed a significant challenge in distinguishing authentic content from fabrications. With AI-generated deepfakes becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for reliable verification mechanisms has become paramount.

Enter Verify: A Solution Built on Blockchain

Verify, developed by the Fox Technology team in collaboration with Polygon Labs, leverages blockchain's transparency to ensure the authenticity and source of media content. The protocol allows publishers to register content, which is then cryptographically signed on the blockchain, enabling consumers to confirm the origination of content from trusted sources. Since its closed beta launch on August 23, 2023, Verify has already registered over 89,000 pieces of content, including from Fox News, Fox Business, and Fox Sports​​​​​​.

How Verify Works

Verify uses advanced searching and scalable zero-knowledge (ZK) technology. It integrates with Fox’s content management system (CMS) to create a 'content graph' for each piece of media, encompassing headlines, images, videos, and text. This integrated graph is then used to verify the authenticity of content. Consumers can use the Verify tool to check the source of online stories or images, safeguarding against misinformation and out-of-context use of media​​.

Open-Source and Future Expansion

Fox's decision to make Verify an open-source protocol allows other media companies to adopt and integrate it into their own systems. The tool, which has been open-sourced to encourage public contribution and development, represents a significant step in protecting media integrity in the AI age. Fox plans to further enhance Verify and announce content partners in the near future​​.


The launch of Verify by Fox Corporation and Polygon signifies a major step forward in ensuring the authenticity of digital media. This innovative tool, leveraging blockchain technology, offers a robust solution to the challenges posed by AI-generated content, deepfakes, and misinformation. As media companies and consumers increasingly rely on digital content, Verify stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the digital age.

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