Bitcoin Gets Integrated into the French Education Curriculum

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Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are continuously being embraced across the globe. As a result, they have instigated interest from different sectors, and education is not an exemption.

French high school students will have the opportunity to learn about Bitcoin soon. This follows the inclusion of cryptocurrency into the Economics and Social Sciences syllabus. 

The French education ministry has outlinedthe integration of Bitcoin into the curriculum, as it noted that cryptocurrency would be used to assist students in comprehending the characteristics of money.

Bitcoin to be taught as an introductory overview

It has been stipulated that Bitcoin will not be explored deeply as this will be beyond the high school students’ capabilities. It will, therefore, be taught as an introductory overview as this will help the French students understand the idea of decentralization in the context of major financial systems.

Nevertheless, the course is informative and detailed because the ministry has also included four explainer videos, such as “Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?” and “Can Bitcoin replace the Euro?” They are intended to give the students a better grasp of how cryptocurrencies work, as well as how different they are from fiat.

France has been making notable steps to inculcate cryptocurrencies into the education structure. For instance, in October 2018, Financia Business School started accepting Bitcoin payments. 


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