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Binance Introduces "Word of the Day" Game to Enhance Crypto Literacy and Offer Rewards

Rebeca Moen Sep 04, 2023 11:20

Binance introduces "Word of the Day" educational game, promoting crypto terminology and earning Binance Points for prizes, with new users receiving 10% discount on spot trading fees.

Binance Introduces "Word of the Day" Game to Enhance Crypto Literacy and Offer Rewards

The world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance, has introduced a new feature to its website known as "Word of the Day" (WOTD), which is designed to educate consumers on various crypto-related terminology, according to official annoucement. In addition, participants have the opportunity to earn Binance Points, which may later be redeemed for a variety of other prizes. This promotion's activity window runs from September 4, 2023 at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) through September 10, 2023 at 23:59 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


The WOTD feature is an educational word-guessing game designed to help users expand their cryptocurrency vocabulary while keeping abreast of market trends. The theme for the week starting September 4 is "Recurring Trading." Binance has invested significantly in trading education. Yesterday, Binance issued a tweet cautioning against emotional trading, accompanied by an article titled "Trading Psychology: How to Trade Without Emotions."

How to Participate

According to the official announcement, all users are eligible to play up to two WOTD games per day. To be eligible for a share of the 500,000 Binance Points pool, participants must get a total of five correct answers during the activity period. These points can be used to redeem rewards at Binance's Rewards Hub.

Additional Features

After completing the first WOTD game, users can unlock a second game by sharing one of the selected articles of the day on social media. The second game is accessible once the shared link is clicked.

New User Incentives

New users who register for a Binance account using the referral code "WOTD2023" during the activity period will receive a 10% discount on spot trading fees. Additional welcome rewards can be earned by completing tasks at the Rewards Hub within 14 days of registration.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for this activity specify that only users from qualified regions who complete account verification are eligible to participate. All Binance Points will be distributed within two weeks after the activity ends. Each Binance Point will expire on the last day of the same month when it was first distributed a year later if not used at the Rewards Hub.


This initiative by Binance serves as both an educational tool and a rewards program, potentially increasing user engagement on the platform. However, it's worth noting that the products and services mentioned may not be available in all regions.

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