Binance is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency Exchanges.

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Binance Launches Tax Reporting Tool to Help Users Comply with Local regulations
Binance Tax is offered to customers in France and Canada, with more territories to come.
Binance-native blockchain BNB Chain continued to show steady activity growth
Despite the bad market, Messari researchers found that BNB Chain fundamentals and on-chain activities improved in Q4 2022.
Binance Acquires Majority Stake in Gopax
Binance returned to South Korea with a controlling ownership in ailing exchange Gopax.
Binance Bans WazirX From Using Its Services
Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX was given an ultimatum to withdraw incorrect assertions about Binance ownership or lose access to its wallets.
Binance's New Blockchain Platform Aims to Build Web3 Infrastructure
BNB Chain stores storage metadata, while third-party storage providers store data.
Binance Launches Feature to Implement Community Feedback in Roadmap Development
A new feature empowers users to provide in-depth feedback on product improvements and new features as Binance ramps up community participation in its ecosystem in 2023.
Binance shuts down accounts in relation to Bitzlato investigation
The U.S. Department of Justice announced action against Binance, which blocked accounts due to the Bitzlato probe.
Binance CEO Warns Traditional Institutions Against Reducing Exposure to Crypto
Investors steadily recovering from 2022 backed CZ's long-term bet on crypto sceptics.
XRP staking scam
A phoney staking scheme is targeting XRP investors. XRP staking websites and emails have been faked. The swindle promises 12%–27% profits.
Binance Admits to Storing Customer Funds in the same wallet
Binance maintains certain client assets in the same wallet as its collateral for in-house tokens. Binance moved the funds to collateral wallets after the disclosure. B-Tokens are 1:1 collateralized, according to the company.

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