Binance is one of the world's leading cryptocurrency Exchanges.

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Binance Secures Registration in New Zealand, to Open Local Office
Binance has gained access to open up a local office soon in New Zealand as the crypto exchange platform successfully registered with the country's Ministry of Businesses Innovation and Employment.
Kazakhstan Gets Closer to Legalizing Digital Currencies: Report
Kazakhstan is closer to legalizing digital currencies as President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has doubled down on his interest in making the country a leader in digital technologies.
Binance Rolls Out Crypto Tourism
Binance has launched an inaugural crypto-sponsored vacation dubbed crypto tourism meant to illustrate simple, secure, and efficient travel in Web 3.0.
Binance Assists in Recouping Fund for Vicitims of Contra Tech Fraud
Binance exchange has announced it is heavily involved in helping the victims of Contract Tech fraud from back in 2017/18 to recoup their lost funds
Binance Seeks Reentry to Japanese Market
Japan’s easing crypto approach attracts crypto exchange Binance to ask for reentry to this island nation after failing to do so four years ago due to stringent measures.
Binance Hires Kraken Executive Steven Christie as Chief Compliance Officer
Kraken’s senior executive Steven Christie left the company and joined the rival firm in May.
Coinbase Secures Registered VASP from Dutch Central Bank
Nasdaq-listed digital currency trading giant Coinbase Global Inc has announced its official registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank — DNB).
Binance Exchange Inaugurates Global Advisory Board under Compliance Drive
Binance Exchange has announced the establishment of its Global Advisory Board (GAB) as it looks to deepen its regulatory compliance in the region.
S. Korean Regulators Oppose Busan's Regulatory Measures for Foreign Crypto Exchanges
South Korean financial authorities expressed their opposite stance against Busan City to provide special regulatory support for partners to establish digital asset exchanges.
Binance Rolls Out Crypto Education Tour in 5 French-Speaking African Nations
To propel blockchain adoption and financial accessibility on African soil, crypto exchange Binance has launched a crypto education tour in five french-speaking countries.

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