6.2 Million Bitcoins are Being Held at a Loss, Representing 33% of BTC Supply
Ever since Bitcoin (BTC) nosedived from an all-time high (ATH) price of $64.8K recorded in mid-April, 6.2 million coins are being held at a loss, representing 33% of supply.
Almost $98 Billion Evaporated in the Crypto Space Triggered by a Big Sell-Off in the Global Stock Market
About $98 billion has been evaporated in the crypto market as Bitcoin sinks below $30K for the second time since mid-May.
Bitcoin Mining Geographical Distribution Shifts as U.S. Becoming the Biggest Beneficiary
BTC mining is becoming more geographically distributed after China's clampdown on Bitcoin mining recently.
Bitcoin’s Sentiment on Twitter Remains Negative, Which Could Signal a Price Upswing
The consolidation period in the Bitcoin market continues making a negative sentiment on Twitter, and this trend could trigger an upward momentum, which could find many by surprise.
New London Upgrade Could Help Ethereum Hit $3,000, Crypto Expert Says
Ethereum is likely to increase its value based on the speculation and hype surrounding the London upgrade event.
Ethereum Has Vastly Outperformed Tech Stocks With a Staggering 171% ROI
Ethereum's price drop hasn’t dampened its spirits to offer an impressive return on investment (ROI) so far this year compared to tech stocks like Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.
ETH Miner Balances Recovering with its Transactions Hitting $2.5 Trillion in Q2 of 2021
This renewed Ethereum momentum is propelling ETH miner balances on the road to recovery.
Bitcoin’s Short-Term Interest Declines by 43% From an ATH Experienced in February
Bitcoin has been stuck to its consolidation period between the $30K and $40K range for more than two months, making short-term interest nosedive to levels not seen since September 2020.
Ethereum is Settling Three Times More Value On-Chain Than Bitcoin Daily
Ethereum (ETH) continues to surpass Bitcoin in terms of the value settled on-chain daily.
Staked Ethereum Surpasses Mined ETH
Ethereum locked in the ETH 2.0 deposit contract continues to outway the one being mined on a daily basis, which is a bullish sign.

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