Fintech not Big Tech: Square is a Greater Threat to Banks than Google and Amazon
A recent survey of 300 senior executives at US-based mid-sized financial institutions found that more than half of bank and credit union executives view Big Tech companies like Amazon and Google as significant threats to the banking industry. Meanwhile only a third believe financial technology (fintech) firms will be a threat in the future, but are they sleeping on Square, Jack Dorsey’s financial technology venture whose stock price recently recorded a 20 month high.
Pablo Escobar’s Drug Runner Yasutaka Nakamoto "Could be" Satoshi Nakamoto
Who is Yasutaka Nakamoto? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Are they the same person – Olof Gustaffson believes that Yasutaka had the technical knowledge of creating Bitcoin, as he has had extensive experience with microprocessors and semiconductors. Roberto Escobar, brother of the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has launched a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, known as “Dietbitcoin,” in 2019, which later on relocated to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Roberto Escobar claimed that he has encountered a US government agent posing as Satoshi Nakamoto, which he reached the conclusion that the US government created Bitcoin. He further believes that the US government will one day crash the market completely by selling all of Nakamoto’s Bitcoins.
Trump Threatens Military Deployment at BLM and George Floyd Protests, Bitcoin Price Soars Past $10,000 Mark
As President Donald Trump advised state governments to leverage the National Guard in response to civil unrest and protest, Bitcoin’s price surged past the $10,000 mark.
Crypto-Spring in Bloom as Institutions and Billionaire "OG" Investors Mature Towards Bitcoin
The Bitcoin price hit its peak of around $20,000 at the end of 2017, but over the last two years it has been trading at around half that value. Along with Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies that take their cue from the success of the pioneer crypto, have also not achieved anything close to their values at the end of the 2017 ICO rush. But times are changing and according to Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and early investor in Coinbase believes the crypto winter is thawing and asserts that we are on the cusp of a ‘crypto spring’.
ISIS Is Not Hoarding $300M in Bitcoin War-Chest, Reports Chainalysis
Over the past week, the comments of a counter-terrorism think tank Director have indicated that ISIS has been using cryptocurrency platforms to conceal donations and bypass financial security measures and could be hoarding close to 300 million in Bitcoin. Experts initially made the revelation after identifying an increase in advertising for donations. However, a recent report from Chainalysis suggests that there is no evidence of ISIS's 300million BTC war-chest.
How Blockchain Technology is Helping to Fight the Novel COVID-19 Pandemic
Coronavirus disease has changed our lives in unprecedented ways. With the imminent lockdown caused by the virus, several reorganizations had to be implemented to keep our lives going. This brief analysis highlights some of the key ways that the application of Blockchain Technology is helping in the fight against the COVID-19 disease and pandemic.
Did Satoshi Nakamoto Move His Bitcoin Yesterday? No, But Craig Wright Shot Himself in the Foot
On Wednesday a Twitter bot reported that a Bitcoin transaction came from a wallet that possibly belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of the network and author of the Bitcoin whitepaper. Oh and Craig Wright trips over own story,
China to Build ‘Digital Central Bank’ Infrastructure, Striving to Become the World’s Leader in Digital Currency Development
China’s Central Bank, People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is planning to look into building a digital central bank infrastructure to improve the standards of financial services in the country. On May 18, the Chinese Central Bank’s 2020 video conference on scientific and technological work was held in its capital, Beijing. The meeting focused on the technological achievements made in 2019, an in-depth analysis of the current situation and challenges, and the upcoming key plans for 2020.
Bill Gates' COVID Conspiracy Grows In Italian Parliament, Allegations of Population Control by Political Anti-Vaxxer
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many subjects to the forefront: our reliance on oil, manufacturing in China, the need for digital dollars, the frailty of our global supply chain, and our lack of preparation to deal with the outbreak. However perhaps the strangest topic online and the most unavoidable has been the conspiracy theory chasing Bill Gates and his foundation’s efforts to produce a vaccine. The accusations range from him directly being the cause of the pandemic, to being the head of an Illuminati like circular cabal bent on controlling the world through microchips, and now an insidious plan to depopulate the planet of billions of people.
US Regulators Overreach to Protect US Dollar Supremacy with TON Decision, Will Bitcoin be next?
If the last two years have revealed anything about our global monetary system, it is that the US Federal Reserve and President Donald Trump really do not want a competitor to the US Dollar.

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