Proof of stake is a consensus mechanism where the amount of cryptocurrencies that can be mined is defined by the amount of cryptocurrencies that a particular user holds, or stakes.

Orbs Releases Smart Contract for Validators in TON Blockchain
Orbs has released a new smart contract, called the single nominator, designed for validators in the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain. The contract allows validators to have an isolated cold wallet for securing their validation process, enhancing their independence, security, and protection against gas-spending attacks.
Slim Odds of Slashing and Best Practices to Avoid it
According to Ethereum core developer Superphiz, just 0.04% of ETH-staking validators have been eliminated.
POSA Publishes Two White Papers
The nonprofit cryptocurrency industry group Proof of Stake Alliance (POSA) has produced papers on receipt token legality.
Tim Beiko announced Shapella upgrade
Full and partial validator withdrawals alter the consensus layer.
The amount of ETH burned will continue to increase as transaction fees are burned
Since September 2022, traders have started withdrawing ETH from exchanges.
Crypto Exchange OKX Unveils Precautionary Measures Ahead of the Ethereum Merge
With the Ethereum merge just around the corner, crypto exchange OKX has given a service update that includes suspension of ETH deposits and withdrawals during the much-anticipated event.
Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Speculates the Merge Will Happen on September 15
Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s co-founder, has hinted that the much-anticipated merge might occur around September 15.
Citi Believes The Merge Will Make Ethereum a “Yield-Bearing Asset”
Citigroup Inc. or Citi, an American multinational investment bank, disclosed that the merge would make Ethereum (ETH) a deflationary asset. As a result, the second-largest cryptocurrency will become a “yield-bearing asset.”
Ethereum Classic Receives $10m Capital Boost from AntPool
Layer-1 blockchain protocol, Ethereum Classic has received a new $10 million capital boost for its ecosystem as announced by AntPool, the mining pool offshoot of Bitmain.
Buying Pressure Builds up on Ethereum Network, Pushing Price Above $1,300 Amid Merge News
Ethereum (ETH) experienced notable momentum that drove the price above $1,300 after news of the much-anticipated merge made the airwaves.

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