a public blockchain is a permissionless blockchain with the following features: (1) it keeps safe and trustful in case very node can join and leave without notice. (2) no restrictions on who can view the transactions. A public blockchain is powerful in that it brings in the true distributed application and trust economy over the environment.

Monero: Deep Dive
Monero (XMR) was the first cryptocurrency of its kind to offer advancements in privacy and fungibility.
Decentralized Exchanges—UniSwap vs SushiSwap Explained
A quick insight into the world of decentralized exchanges and the ongoing war between Uniswap and Sushiswap.
United States Congress Will Vote on American COMPETE Act to ‘Beat China’ in Blockchain Technology
United States Congress will vote today on a bill that specifically aims to ensure the US remains competitive with China in the race for blockchain supremacy.
NSA’s Mass Phone Tapping and Data Collection was Illegal Says United States Federal Court
The NSA’s controversial phone data collection program first brought to light by former NSA agent Edward Snowden has been called illegal by a US Federal Court.
US Department of Homeland Security Can Now Trace Illicit Monero Cryptocurrency Transactions
The United States Department of Homeland Security will now be able to track transactions of the most privacy-oriented cryptocurrency coin Monero (XMR).
NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Might Return to US as President Trump Considers Pardon
US President Donald Trump is considering an executive pardon for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden after 7 years of exile in Russia. Snowden has been an advocate of Bitcoin for some time and most of the servers he used to leak the sensitive information were paid for in Bitcoin.
Is Ethereum's Move to PoS Really an Upgrade?
Proof-of-Work is a solution to the Byzantine Generals' Problem. Ethereum's move to PoS looks more like a downgrade into previous solutions that Satoshi Nakamoto tried to avoid.
Banks Are Increasingly Starting to Offer Cryptocurrency Services in 2020
Banks have increased their interest in cryptocurrencies. Many of them have decided to join the cryptocurrency market, either by offering investments in cryptocurrency or by exploiting the capabilities of blockchain technology, which is already used in various areas with financial services.
Solid Bull Run: Why Ethereum Is Up 50% in 10 Days
Ethereum faced a flash crash on August 1, where it plummeted by approximately $90 from $415 in 5 minutes.
ING Bank-Led Security Token-Focused Project Pyctor Was Selected by UK's FCA for its Regulatory Sandbox
Led by ING Bank, in collaboration with ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas Securities Services, Invesco US, Société Générale – Forge, State Street, and others have launched a digital asset project — Pcytor.

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