A computer connected to the blockchain network is referred to as a ‘node’. Most nodes are not full nodes and full nodes can be difficult to run due to their bulky size. A full node is a program can fully validate transactions and blocks bolstering the p2p network.

Profit Reaped by Bitcoin Addresses Dips to a 3-Month Low amid a Week-Long Price Correction
The number of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses in profits has plunged to a 3-month low at 30,782,698.006 as the price of Bitcoin has stayed in the bearish zone for days.
Bitcoin Buying Power Remains Strong as BTC Holds Strong Support Despite Slight Retracement
BitMEX’s perpetual contract funding rates has returned to a neutral territory after longs were paying shorts significantly.
Crypto Wallets Holding more than 1,000 Bitcoins Hit an All-Time High
New data by Glassnode reveals that the number of BTC addresses holding at least 1,000 coins has broken the record at 2,305.
Bitcoin Addresses with more than $1 Million Go Parabolic
Onchain data provider Glassnode has revealed that BTC addresses holding more than $1 million increased by 150% to 66,540.
4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Investors Should HODL Despite BTC Price Drop Below $18K
As BTC price corrects below $18,000, here are four expert BTC price predictions and reasons to keep HODLers holding on to their crypto in the months ahead.
Bitcoin Withdrawals from Exchanges Surge to a 17-Month High
New data from Glassnode reveals that Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals from crypto exchanges have hit a 17-month high of 2,288.125.
Crypto Wallets Holding More Than 1 ETH Break the Record as Ethereum Surges Past $500
New data from Glassnode reveals that crypto wallets holding more than one Ethereum (ETH) have hit a record high of 1,170,598 addresses.
25,000 New Bitcoin Addresses Generated in a Single Hour
Glassnode, an on-chain market analytic company, has shared data showing 24,807 Bitcoin (BTC) addresses were developed in just one hour on Nov 18.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Forks into Two New Blockchains Following Disagreement on Miner Tax
Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a hard fork from Bitcoin, has once again split and created two new blockchains after a disagreement between two BCH clients.
Bitcoin Wallets Transferring Funds to Crypto Exchanges have Doubled Since January
Glassnode, an on-chain market analytics firm, has disclosed that addresses sending Bitcoin to crypto exchanges have doubled since January 2020.

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