A computer connected to the blockchain network is referred to as a ‘node’. Most nodes are not full nodes and full nodes can be difficult to run due to their bulky size. A full node is a program can fully validate transactions and blocks bolstering the p2p network.

Is Bitcoin Gearing Up to Exit the Current Bottom?
Since Bitcoin has been trading above the psychological price of $20K, Glassnode has released its weekly on-chain report titled “Hammering Out The Bottom,” scrutinizing the stakes and the risks that may lay on the road ahead.
Glassnode Acquires Crypto Portfolio Tracking Tax Platform Accointing.Com
Leading crypto market intelligence provider Glassnode has acquired crypto portfolio tracking tax Platform Accointing.Com to allow users to track their portfolios in one place.
Bitcoin Endured Two Major Capitulation Events in H1, Glassnode Shows
Bitcoin has experienced significant ups and downs in the first half year due to various uncertainties and events like the LUNA collapse.
Bitcoin Hodlers are Unwilling to Spend at Lower Prices as Most Coins Remain Untouched
Despite the bearish momentum experienced in the Bitcoin (BTC) market, long-term hodlers remain steadfast because they are not selling.
Minima Launches Innovation Challenge Campaign Compeition
Minima, an ultra-lean blockchain network, launched an innovation challenge to spur more growth in its ecosystem.
Bitcoin Still Needs Time to Form a Resilient Bottom, Glassnode Suggests
A report from Glassnode suggests the Bitcoin (BTC) market still has not touched the bottom, despite capitulation happening.
Minima Blockchain Network Reaches 120,000 Complete Nodes, Surpasses Bitcoin Node Count
The history of blockchain has witnessed another level higher with the number of Minima complete nodes surpassing the number of Bitcoin full nodes.
Bitcoin Exchange Outflow Reaches its Lowest Mark in Over 3 Years
Cryptocurrency exchanges have continued to witness outflows in Bitcoin balances over the past couple of weeks
Bitcoin Mean Transaction Volume Soars 370% from the 2019/20 Market Cycle
Transaction volumes involving big cash inflows into Bitcoin is on the rise while small transaction cash is reducing.
Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hits a Monthly High as Crypto Adoption Surged by Over 881% Last Year
Bitcoin experienced an uptick in transaction volume recently, given that it reached a 1-month high of 47,433.025 BTC. A research reflected global crypto adoption on the rise, boosted by P2P trading activites.

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