A computer connected to the blockchain network is referred to as a ‘node’. Most nodes are not full nodes and full nodes can be difficult to run due to their bulky size. A full node is a program can fully validate transactions and blocks bolstering the p2p network.

Bitcoin Exchange Outflow Reaches its Lowest Mark in Over 3 Years
Cryptocurrency exchanges have continued to witness outflows in Bitcoin balances over the past couple of weeks
Bitcoin Mean Transaction Volume Soars 370% from the 2019/20 Market Cycle
Transaction volumes involving big cash inflows into Bitcoin is on the rise while small transaction cash is reducing.
Bitcoin Transaction Volume Hits a Monthly High as Crypto Adoption Surged by Over 881% Last Year
Bitcoin experienced an uptick in transaction volume recently, given that it reached a 1-month high of 47,433.025 BTC. A research reflected global crypto adoption on the rise, boosted by P2P trading activites.
Reasons Behinds Bitcoin Could Not Break the $50K Psychological Barrier
The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin experienced a strong bullish rally this week, rebounding to the highest point of $50562.11. Here are the possible reasons behind the story why the price is unable to break through the $50K level.
Total Value Locked in Ethereum 2.0 Reaches Record-High as Gas Fees Decreased
More investment continues trickling in Ethereum 2.0, which has broken the record, as disclosed by on-chain metrics provider Glassnode.
Bitcoin’s On-Chain Data Shows a Pattern of Accumulation is in Play
The Realized Cap HODL Waves indicator, as availed by Glassnode, illustrates a pattern of accumulation is in play in the BTC market.
Bitcoin Fell Below $30K for the Second Time since mid-May, Low Institutional Demand Could Lead to Further Declines
Bitcoin fell below the $30,000 support level for the first time in four weeks. This time, due to the lack of institutional demand for Bitcoin and the large-scale sell-off of the safe-haven Bitcoin caused by the epidemic, the downward trend may be further exacerbated.
Active Bitcoin Addresses Hit a 14-Month Low as Long-Term BTC Holders Continue Accumulating
The number of active BTC addresses reached a 14-month low of 43,639.482, as revealed by on-chain metrics provider Glassnode.
Number of Ethereum Addresses Holding at Least 100 Coins Plunges as Chinese Clampdown Looms
Ethereum on-chain metrics are on the decline as China's clampdown looms.
The Number of Bitcoin Addresses Holding At Least 1,000 BTC Hit a Monthly Low
The number of BTC addresses holding more than 1,000 Bitcoins plummeted ``to a1-month low of 2,152.

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