A computer connected to the blockchain network is referred to as a ‘node’. Most nodes are not full nodes and full nodes can be difficult to run due to their bulky size. A full node is a program can fully validate transactions and blocks bolstering the p2p network.

Number of Bitcoin Addresses with Non-Zero Balances Hits ATH
More people flock to Bitcoin as the number of address with non-zero balances hits a new all-time high.
Ethereum Gas Fees Hit a Monthly Low - Could this Trigger an ETH Uptrend?
New data by on-chain data provider Glassnode notes that the total Ethereum gas fees paid have hit a monthly low of $666,735.56.
Crypto Wallets Holding at least 1 Ethereum Hit a Monthly High Despite Price Correction
New data by on-chain data provider Glassnode reveals that despite the current price correction, Ethereum addresses holding more than 1 ETH have hit a monthly high of 1,175,408.
Bitcoin Exchange Outflow Volume Soars, Why Are BTC Holders Not Selling Off?
Bitcoin’s Exchange Outflow Volume (7d MA) just reached a 1-month high of $102,299,130.40. This shows people are holding onto BTC more long-term.
Bitcoin's Bull Run Above $50K Has Led to Profits for 99% of BTC Addresses
As Bitcoin soars to a new ATH price above $52,000, more addresses, namely 99% of them, has benefitted.
Non-Zero Bitcoin Addresses Reach an All-Time High, What Does This Mean for BTC?
New on-chain data from Glassnode has revealed that there are now more non-zero Bitcoin (BTC) addresses. What does this mean?
Number of Bitcoin Addresses in Loss Is Currently at a 1-Month Low
Bitcoin number of addresses in a low is at a 1-month low of 330,817.774
Bitcoin’s 7-Day Transaction Volume Hit All-Time High of $4.39 Billion
New data by Glassnode reveals that BTC’s seven-day transaction has broken the record at $4.39 billion.
On-Chain Metrics Show Positive Correlation in Realized Cap of Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices, What it Means?
Bitcoin and Ethereum have attained a new all-time high in their realized market cap. If these trends continue, both assets may continue to pump in price.
Glassnode’s On-Chain Metrics Reveal DeFi Tokens Are Being HODLed Amid Price Run
Glassnode's on-chain data reveals the percent supply of DeFi tokens (SUSHI, AAVE, and MKR) are getting lower, suggesting investors are HODLing the assets.

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