The process that results in the release of certain amounts of a particular digital currency into its circulating supply. Mining is often the process that governs the verification of transactions and the addition of blocks to a blockchain.

Mining Capital Coin CEO Indicted for Masterminding $62M Crypto Ponzi Scheme
Mining Capital Coin CEO Luiz Capuci Jr is indicted Friday for orchestrating a scam that defrauded investors around the world of about $62 million, according to the U.S. Department of Justice
Nvidia Agrees to Pay $5.5 Million to SEC Fine for Failure to Crypto Mining Disclosures
The SEC said it found that Nvidia misled investors in 2017 and 2018 on how cryptocurrency contributed to the profits in its gaming business.
China’s Guangdong Province Orders Fresh Crackdown on Bitcoin Mining
Guangdong regulators have revamped a new mechanism for investigations and confiscations of crypto mining activities.
Mining company Argo Blockchain to Launch Flagship Mining Facility in Texas
The London-listed Bitcoin mining company Argo Blockchain will officially launch its flagship mining facility Helios in Texas next week.
Marathon Digital Releases Q1Result, Generating 1,259 BTC with YoY Increase of 556%
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc, one of the largest bitcoin mining companies in North America, announced that its bitcoin production output increased by 556% year-over-year to 1,259 BTC for the first quarter of 2022.
Riot Blockchain Mined 508 BTCs, Increased 150% in April
The production growth is attributed to Riot Blockchain’s continued investment resources in its plants and advanced mining chips.
Bitcoin Network Difficulty Level Attains New ATH of 29.794T
The Bitcoin network has grown in difficulty yet again as it recorded a new All-Time High (ATH) of 29.794T.
Texas City Fort Worth Becomes First Government to Mine Bitcoin in the US
Fort Worth, a City in Texas State, announced Tuesday to become the first city government to mine Bitcoin in the United States.
Compass Mining Publishes Guidelines for Mining Cryptocurrencies at Home
Compass Mining, an American Bitcoin mining company, has published a guideline that will help retail individual miners to set up their mining rigs at home.
Compass Mining to Sold $30m Worth of Assets in Russia to Fend Off Sanctions
Compass Mining, an American cryptocurrency mining firm, is looking for buyers for its gears stranded in Russia in a bid to avoid being sanctioned by the United States Department of Treasury.

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