The process that results in the release of certain amounts of a particular digital currency into its circulating supply. Mining is often the process that governs the verification of transactions and the addition of blocks to a blockchain.

Latvian National Extradited to the U.S for Crypto and Wire Fraud
Ivars Auzins, a Latvian citizen, accused of committing securities and wire fraud using eight companies that alleged to mine or invest in crypto assets, was extradited to the United States to face a six-count indictment charge.
Bitcoin Miner Argo Updates Computing Power to 3.2 EH/s at the end of 2022
U.K.-based publicly traded cryptocurrency miner Argo Blockchain said on Wednesday it plans to update its year-end computing power from 5.5 EH/s to 3.2 EH/s by the end of 2022, a drop of 41.8%.
Bitcoin Mining is a 'Net Plus' for the Environment: US Senator Ted Cruz
United States Senator, Ted Cruz has showered accolades on Bitcoin mining as a venture, taking a very divergent view from major critics who believe Bitcoin mining is damaging to the environment.
Japan's Financial Giant SBI Group to Shut Down Crypto Mining Operations in Russia
Japanese financial giant SBI Group announced that it will shut down its crypto mining operations in the entire country of Russia.
Celsius Received Approval to Continue Bitcoin Mining
Celsius Network has been granted the approval to use its mined Bitcoin to offset some of the deficit incurred in its daily operations.
Applied Blockchain Refinances $15M Credit Facility from a North Dakota-based Bank
U.S. bitcoin mining company Applied Blockchain, Inc has announced that it has entered into a credit agreement with a North Dakota-based bank for a $15 million loan that will expand its crypto mining operations to take advantage of opportunities emerging in the current bear market
Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Acquires 36 MW Facility, 3,400 Antminers for $25M
CleanSpark made the acquisitions to expand its operating presence while maintaining cost-effective production rates.
Vespene Energy Raises $4.3M Funding to Convert Landfill Methane into Bitcoin
Vespene Energy, a methane mitigation company, said that it is developing an infrastructure that will enable methane gas to produce electricity for Bitcoin mining.
Hut 8 Mining Corp Generated 330 BTC in July, Becoming one of the Largest BTC Holders
North American publicly traded cryptocurrency mining company Hut 8 Mining Corp has announced its July 2022 operational update.
Core Scientific Sold 1,975 Bitcoins More That It Mined in July
Core Scientific mentioned that curtailment activities related to power shutdowns limited its Bitcoin production activities during the month of July. The company, however, said it mined more Bitcoins during July than the previous month.

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