The availability of assets is determined by the ability for that asset to be converted into cash without dramatically affecting market prices.

Crypto Mining Pool Provider Poolin Suspends Withdrawals, Citing Liquidity Problems
Poolin assured its customers that funds are safe and promised to fix the issue amid a bearish market.
ETH Merge Will Propel Narrative of Cryptos Being Eco-Friendly: Head of Sales at Moneycorp
Once Ethereum shifts to a PoS consensus mechanism, validators will replace miners in the confirmation of blocks because they will use the staked Ether. As a result, prompting a more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly approach.
Ripple Launches Crypto On-Demand Liquidity Service in Brazil
The Travelex Bank has partnered with Ripple to use the crypto on-demand liquidity service to offer a better customer experience to their customers.
Voyager Digital Suspends Crypto Trading, Deposits & Withdrawals
Digital asset broker Voyager Digital said halting all customer trading, deposits, withdrawals and loyalty rewards was the right one given the current market conditions.
Astaria Raises $8m in Seed Round to Improve NFT Lending Liquidity
While NFT lending has become a popular way of accessing more cash, most NFTs are illiquid. This is the problem that Astaria is trying to solve.
Bitfarms Sells 1500 BTC Goes for New Loan to Boost Liquidity
Bitfarms has now relied on sales of some of its mined Bitcoins and borrowings to fund its capital expenditure and improve its liquidity.
Bancor 3 Integrates Over 100 Tokens to Enhance DeFi Liquidity
Bancor 3, a DeFi liquidity solution by decentralized trading protocol Bancor, has incorporated more than 100 tokens, such as USD Coin (USDC), Polygon (MATIC), and Enjin (ENJ), for more sustainable and safer DeFi yields through community sourcing.
Tritum Raises $1.1m Funding Round to Accelerate Institutional Digital Assets Adoption
Tritum disclosed the new funds would be used to continue accelerating the expansion of the throughput and size of each of its existing operating businesses.
Nexus Mutual Enters Bancor’s DAO Ecosystem to Generate Protocol-Owned Liquidity
To gain durable decentralized liquidity, Nexus Mutual, an Ethereum-based insurance platform, staked treasury funds worth $2 million in the form of wrapped NXM (wNXM) tokens in decentralized trading protocol Bancor.
Binance Completes Woo Network's Series A+ Round with $12M Investment
The latest funding announcement comes from Binance Labs, the VC arm of Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which said it backed Woo Network with $12 million in its Series A+ round.

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