The availability of assets is determined by the ability for that asset to be converted into cash without dramatically affecting market prices.

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OKEx Delves Deeper Into Indian Crypto Space with CoinDCX Partnership
OKEx, a leading Malta-based crypto exchange, has shown its resilience to penetrate the Indian crypto market despite the roaming uncertainties based on its partnership with CoinDCX, the nation’s biggest crypto trading platform.
South Korean Shared Workspace Company Turns to a Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Platform
Sparkplus, a South Korean office sharing company, has announced a partnership with tech startup Kasa Korea for a blockchain-enabled real estate funding platform. Through the strategic collaboration, Sparkplus seeks to revolutionize Seoul’s sharing economy through a decentralized network that would enable people without much money to collectively and indirectly fund real estate.
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Seeks Advice on Designing Prudential Treatment for Crypto-assets
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision publishes paper going over the design for prudential treatment for crypto assets. The paper goes over areas such as risks of crypto-asset exposures, capital, and liquidity requirements, and general considerations for the prudential treatment.
ConsolFreight Releases New Proof Of Concept To Advance The Role Of Logistics Providers In Trade Finance
"Banks are short-sighted in determining and validating the value of the goods being financed. They have drawn a very distinctive line between Logistics and Financial institutions, where the value of the assets is entirely disconnected from the process. Thus, leaving an untapped market of unfulfilled credit demand estimated at $1.6 trillion," says ConsolFreight's CEO, Ernesto Vila.
FINRA Ends Regulatory Unclarity By Awarding Harbor with Crypto Broker-Dealer License
The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) awarded Harbor Square Investments a broker-dealer license. Harbor Square Investments is a subsidiary of tokenized securities platform-Harbor.
Libra Coin: A New Era of Denationalization of Money?
A deeper dive in Facebook's Libra coin and its potential impact on dollarization and denationalization of money.
How to Use zkSNARKs to Scale DEX on Ethereum Blockchain?
Loopring team has completed design for Protocol v3.0 uses Zero-Knowledge Proofs to tackle scalability and bring throughput to 525 trades/second on Ethereum, all the way up from 2 trades/second!
What are the 3 Challenges and Predictions for Bitcoin Mining?
Various blockchain and financial professionals joined our event “Can Bitcoin Sustain Its Positive Price Run? How does it affect miners?” on 23 May 2019 held in Genesis Block, Hong Kong. This event looked at the current investment landscape and regulatory challenges on Bitcoin mining and a hot topic for all BTC holders: What is the price of Bitcoin going forward?
3 Tips on Choosing STO Issuance Platform
We spoke with Aly Madhavji, the Managing Partner of Blockchain Founder Fund (Blockchain FF) with a portfolio of blockchain and crypto companies. He outlines the investment philosophy of Blockchain FF as well as the three criteria of a successful platform for security token offerings (STO). As an award-winning author in millennial development, Aly also shares with us the socio-economic impact of blockchain in the developing countries.
Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, on the Potential of Facebook Coin towards Mass Blockchain Adoption
As held in Hong Kong Mar 13-14, Token 2049 gathered crypto leaders and financial professionals to discuss the role of blockchain towards global financial inclusion. During the session “The Push Towards A Billion Crypto Users”, Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, highlighted the needs and importance of the underserved population, which is essential to drive mass adoption of blockchain. We are delighted to interview with Bill, which he further stresses the role of Abra towards global financial inclusion, as well as his insights in Facebook coin and ICO regulations to our readers.

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