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The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. "The Federal Reserve System was created on December 23, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law." Federal Reserve has control over monetary policy exclusively for the benefit of the United States. Typical monetary functions are money issuance, money price, interest rate, and more. Since the US Dollar has served as the de facto world currency. Federal Reserve has inevitable influences on the stability of the monetary and financial system and monetary policies of other countries.

The Resilience of the US Dollar in Global Finance: Insights from Fed Governor Waller
Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller defended the US dollar's global economic dominance, emphasizing its role as a physical currency, financial asset, and preferred unit of account.
Federal Reserve Lifts Enforcement Action on FTX-Linked Farmington Bank
The Federal Reserve has terminated its enforcement action against Farmington State Bank, linked to the collapsed crypto exchange FTX, marking the bank's shift away from operations and reinforcing depositor protection efforts.
CBDC Surveillance Concerns Spark Legislative Action
Congressman Tom Emmer's CBDC Anti-Surveillance State Act aims to address surveillance risks in government-issued digital currencies, emphasizing privacy and autonomy in the evolving digital financial landscape.
Federal Reserve's 2024 Interest Rate Pause: A Boost for Cryptocurrencies and Stocks
The US Federal Reserve's decision to pause interest rates in 2024 signals a positive shift for cryptocurrencies and stocks, with significant gains in the market and a rally in the S&P 500.
Federal Reserve's Bowman Discusses Digital Currency Innovations Amid CBDC Debate
Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman, in a discussion at Harvard Law School, explored the evolving digital payment landscape, touching on CBDC, stablecoins, and the necessity for a robust regulatory framework. While recognizing the potential of digital assets, she emphasized a cautious approach, underscoring the importance of continued research and international collaboration to navigate the digital transformation responsibly.
Reuters: Federal Reserve Announces Job Cuts
The Federal Reserve plans to eliminate 300 positions by the end of this year, marking its first notable personnel reduction since 2010. The majority of the cuts will target support roles, including technology positions. Despite the resilience of the U.S. economy, the decision is not unprecedented.
Bitcoin will Reach $70,000 Soon if the Federal Reserve Cuts Rates
BitMEX's ex-CEO Arthur Hayes suggested that a Federal Reserve rate cut could propel Bitcoin to the $70,000 mark, rejuvenating the US banking sector. Historical trends show a symbiotic relationship between the Federal Reserve's monetary decisions and Bitcoin's trajectory. Bitcoin's ascent outpaced the Fed's balance sheet expansion by 129% during the pandemic. However, post-March 2022, the Federal Reserve implemented three additional hikes, causing a reevaluation among market participants and analysts. The 'Real Yield', derived by offsetting the Government Bond Yield with Nominal GDP Growth, remains pivotal in this discourse. The US Treasury's augmented bond issuance at steeper rates may inadvertently amplify nominal GDP growth.
Breaking: Key US House Committee Leaders Challenges Federal Reserve on Stablecoin
The House Financial Services Committee is concerned about the Federal Reserve Board's recent regulatory actions on payment stablecoins, arguing they could hinder Congress's digital asset framework, impose additional regulatory burdens, and potentially cause financial repercussions.
Arthur Hayes: The Federal Reserve is Doomed to Fail
Arthur Hayes' article "Kite or Board" critiques the U.S. Federal Reserve, highlighting its challenges like autonomy, inflation tax, policy changes, and banking sector transition. He suggests Bitcoin as a decentralized, finite supply, and global acceptance alternative to traditional financial systems.
Federal Reserve Governor Michelle W. Bowman Stresses Banking Supervision including Digital Assets
Governor Michelle W. Bowman, a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, emphasized the need for a responsive and responsible regulatory framework in the banking sector.

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