What is Ethereum?
Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that introduced the concept of smart contracts into the blockchain space. Through these smart contracts, developers using the Ethereum network are able to create their own decentralized apps and tokens.

Ethereum Layer-2 Offchain Labs Raises $120M Led by Lightspeed Venture Partners
Offchain labs raised $120 million led by Lightspeed Venture Partners in its Series B financing Tuesday, aiming to expand Ethereum contracts to meet the growing demand for Ethereum transactions.
Ethereum Suffers from Chain Splits Due to Technical Issue, over 54% Network Affected
Ethereum largest client has suffered a chain split in which some miners are cut off from the main network
Ethereum Transfer Demand Increases as Average Gas Fees Hit a 3-Month High
The Ethereum network has been experiencing high demand, as evidenced by an uptick in transfers and average gas fees.
Ethereum-Based Products Hit a 72.8% Monthly Growth as the US Reigns Supreme in DeFi Adoption
Ethereum-based products skyrocketed to $13.8 billion after recording a 72.8% monthly growth.
Swiss's Luxury Hotel Chedi Andermatt Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments
After four years of negotiations, Chedi Andermatt, a luxury hotel located in the Swiss Alps, finally passed a cryptocurrency payment plan.
Kraken Contributes $250,000 to Enhance Ethereum 2.0 Upgrade
Kraken, a leading US-based crypto exchange, revealed its $250,000 donation aimed at helping open-source developer teams tasked with the Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 upgrade.
Total Value Locked in Ethereum 2.0 Reaches Record-High as Gas Fees Decreased
More investment continues trickling in Ethereum 2.0, which has broken the record, as disclosed by on-chain metrics provider Glassnode.
VanEck And ProShares Withdraw Plans to List Ethereum ETFs
VanEck and ProShares have told the SEC that they would like to pull their plans to launch Ethereum ETFs.
NFT Trading Surges 8X Boom from the Popularity of Bored Ape Yacht Club,Pudgy Penguins and CryptoPunk
NFT sales recorded an eight times surge in market trading volume over the last two weeks, compared to the result in March, thanks to the craze of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pudgy Penguins and the classic NFT CryptoPunk.
Microsoft Fights Piracy by Using Ethereum Blockchain
Microsoft is debuting Ethereum based Argus system to fight piracy concerns

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