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Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that introduced the concept of smart contracts into the blockchain space. Through these smart contracts, developers using the Ethereum network are able to create their own decentralized apps and tokens.

Solid Bull Run: Why Ethereum Is Up 50% in 10 Days
Ethereum faced a flash crash on August 1, where it plummeted by approximately $90 from $415 in 5 minutes.
Bitcoin Price Bull Run Intact Despite $1700 Price Dive on Sunday
The Bitcoin price went on a wild ride over the weekend, the bulls pushing the Bitcoin price up to $12,100, before the world’s biggest cryptocurrency plunged back to $10,640 within a matter of minutes.
Cause for Concern? Ethereum's 15 Minutes of Extreme Volatility Explained
Ethereum’s price on the crypto market underwent a lot of fluctuations in the span of 15 minutes yesterday, causing quite a stir in the crypto community.
Ethereum Dominates Bitcoin on CEX.IO Crypto Exchange
Chief Technology Officer of CEX crypto exchange has reported that Ethereum (ETH) on its platform has spiked up in the past week, as opposed to Bitcoin.
SEC to Regulate Binance Chain With Blockchain Analytics Firm CipherTrace
The US Securities and Exchange Commission plans to award CipherTrace blockchain analytics firm with a contract pertaining to Binance Chain.
Cryptocurrency Adoption Is Growing, But US Needs To Adopt A Solid Blockchain Policy
In order to be ahead of other countries in the ever-growing industry of blockchain, the US needs to come up with an enforceable and consistent blockchain policy.
Bitcoin’s Scarcity Feature Makes the Crypto an Aspirational Store of Value for Investors, says Fidelity Digital Assets
Fidelity Digital Assets, the crypto arm of investment firm Fidelity Investments found in its new report that many investors consider Bitcoin to be an “aspirational store of value”. The firm believes that the largest cryptocurrency has the properties of a store of value but has yet to be widely adopted.
Cardano’s Shelley Hard Fork Successful, Network on its Way to Become the World’s Financial Operating System
Cardano’s second developmental phase, Shelley has been successfully launched, the hard fork was successful in transforming Cardano into the Shelley era from Byron.The hard fork took Cardano from its Byron era to Shelley, to enable the network to become more decentralized and autonomous.
Ethereum Releases Validator Launchpad for ETH 2.0 Testnet
Ethereum software developers finally released the validator launchpad for ETH 2.0, which enabled users to participate in the testnet’s Proof-of-Stake.
Twitch Offers Bitcoin Discount to 15 million Gaming and Livestreaming Subscribers
Twitch is now leveraging BitPay’s digital currency processing network to facilitate Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments and has announced a special 10% crypto discount promotion.

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