What is Ethereum?
Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that introduced the concept of smart contracts into the blockchain space. Through these smart contracts, developers using the Ethereum network are able to create their own decentralized apps and tokens.

Vitalik Buterin Shares Opinion On Crypto Regulation
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Sunday, shared his opinion on crypto regulation, expressing that he is happy exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are getting delayed.
Crypto Market Watch: Weekly Price Trend Update
Here is a brief on the most significant crypto price uptrend over the past week.
Zksync 2.0 Goes Live, Promises Lower Gas Fees, Faster Transactions on Ethereum Mainnet
ZkSync 2.0 is a Layer 2 solution working to scale Ethereum.
Bitcoin Surges Past $20,000, Ether Bounces As USD Weakens
Bitcoin surged on Tuesday breaking back above the $20,000 level while major altcoins led by Ether rose on a positive market upturn as the US dollar fell.
CFTC Chair Suggests Ether is Commodity, Let Congress to Regulate Crypto
Crypto regulation is inevitable. That is the message coming from both CFTC and SEC. But this has led to a political conflict between the top U.S. financial regulatory agencies.
Aussie Regulator Halts 3 Crypto Funds Belonging to Holon Investments
The Australian regulator, ASIC has issued a stop order, halting three major funds linked to Holon Investments
TempleDAO Hacker Moves Stolen Funds to Sanctioned Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
According to data from block explorer, Etherscan, the attacker of the TempleDAO hack, has moved the funds stolen via the recently sanctioned crypto mixer, Tornado Cash.
Why Ethereum Whales Selling Their Holdings?
Data shows Ethereum whales' address holdings have reduced by more than 3 million ETHs over the last five weeks, indicating that whales have maintained redistribution of their holdings on the market since the Merge.
Market Update: US Inflation Data Push Bitcoin Below the $19,000 Support Zone
A steep volatility trailed the September inflation data that was released by the BLS today. Bitcoin last seen trading below $19,000
Coin Center Files Lawsuit against Treasury over Tornado Cash Sanctions
Backing a second lawsuit, Coin Center sues the Treasury Department and the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) over its sanctions on the Ethereum mixer, Tornado Cash.

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