The separation of powers and duties originally attributed to a central power or entity to a network or group of entities. In terms of blockchain technology, decentralization often results in the removal of the third party intermediary of transactions, such as banks and government bodies, and allows individual transaction participants to deal directly with each other with the help of individual independent validators who are part of the network of users.

Puerto Rican Regulators Closes Peter Schiff's Bank - a Case for Decentralization?
Puerto Rican authorities have closed down the Euro Pacific Bank, a local financial institution that belongs to Peter Schiff, the world’s most vocal Bitcoin (BTC) critic.
Azuro Closes $4m Funding Round to Build Decentralized Betting Protocol
Azuro said it has raised another funding round of $4 million, saying that the funding gives it great confidence in its ability to disrupt traditional online betting.
Resonate Partners with, Rendering a Decentralized AI-Powered Social Media Experience
To offer users a personal AI-powered, decentralized, and trusted social media experience, Resonate, a decentralized social NFT platform, is leveraging the power of blockchain technology and machine learning provided by
Reddit Intends to Tokenize Karma Points and Onboard Half a Million Users to Web3
Reddit reportedly plans to decentralize social media, with its latest plans being to tokenize Karma Points using the Ethereum blockchain.
The Number of Non-Zero Ethereum Addresses Hit an ATH
The Ethereum (ETH) network continues to attract more participants because the number of non-zero addresses broke the record at 66,552,716.
Michael Saylor Defends BTC Mining Council Embraces Decentralization
Michael Saylor refuted criticism over the newly formed Bitcoin mining council, emphasising that the council is committed to decentralization.
Traditional Finances Reimagined: The Future of Digital Finance
Traditional financial institutions such as banks are no longer the only option. The financial services industry will be decentralized and digital in the future.
38 Million XRP Tokens Dumped by Ripple Co-Founder Jed McCaleb, When Will His Supply Run Out?
Amid the SEC lawsuit, Ripple’s former Chief of Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder Jed McCaleb has been getting rid of his XRP stash at a steady rate.
Opportunity to Thrive In Times Of Uncertainty
If history has taught us anything, it's that humanity often takes great leaps forward in times of chaos and uncertainty. This is one of those moments, but it's important that global citizens take steps to ensure that no one is left behind. Now is the time to start thinking less as nations and more as single, unified species.
GameStop, Dogecoin and Crypto: Making Sense of The Wild Current Financial News
I have been watching the exploits of the rag-tag group of Reddit traders who have upended Wall Street's status quo. As an investor, the absurdity of both Wall Street and Reddit is apparent. I will continue to support open and decentralized platforms like Bitcoin. Here is my take on where we go from here.

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