The separation of powers and duties originally attributed to a central power or entity to a network or group of entities. In terms of blockchain technology, decentralization often results in the removal of the third party intermediary of transactions, such as banks and government bodies, and allows individual transaction participants to deal directly with each other with the help of individual independent validators who are part of the network of users.

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Vitalik Buterin: Time will Tell Whether the Hive Blockchain will Surpass Steem
Justin Sun’s entry into Steemit is not going down well with the community. They have created a hard fork of the blockchain and named it Hive. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Founder, tweeted that Hive stands a test of time in demonstrating whether self-independence will be achieved.
UK Research Shows 66% Control of Hash Rate is Coming From China
Reporting on a study developed by UK based company CoinShares, as much as 66% of global hash rates come from and are controlled by Chinese Entities.
India’s Telangana State to Stamp Out Fake Academic Certificates via Blockchain
Following concerns raised by the US Embassy that some employees and students were applying for visas using fake academic certificates, the Indian state of Telangana has made a broad move of addressing this menace through blockchain technology.
Cryptos in Space: The Future of Blockchain in the Final Frontier
People began hearing the word blockchain circa 2008. Over ten years ago now, but barely a drop in the boundless stream of time. This nascent technology soon planted its terrestrial roots and spread around many industrial sectors.
Blockchain.News Presents: State of DeFi Survey
Blockchain.News State of DeFi Survey
KPMG Study Confirms US Consumers Are Ready to Use Blockchain Digital Tokens
Data don’t lie. New research from KPMG investigated how consumers feel about the application of blockchain digital tokens. It turned out that consumers believe that the blockchain-baked tokenization could significantly transform the way businesses interact with the public. But it emerged that most businesses have not embraced the new technology. Now, you can guess the implications.
Exclusive: Arbitrage - the Key Business Opportunity Brought by Blockchain
Following the latest update of Paxful, Ray took a step back and shared to us his inspiration to set up Paxful and what he learnt from 11 failed startups! He then identified arbitrage as the key business opportunities by blockchain and instead of decentralization, peer to peer should be the core value preposition of Bitcoin!
What are the 3 Challenges and Predictions for Bitcoin Mining?
Various blockchain and financial professionals joined our event “Can Bitcoin Sustain Its Positive Price Run? How does it affect miners?” on 23 May 2019 held in Genesis Block, Hong Kong. This event looked at the current investment landscape and regulatory challenges on Bitcoin mining and a hot topic for all BTC holders: What is the price of Bitcoin going forward?
What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia?
What Are The Key Takeaways from Block Live Asia? The Block Live Asia in Singapore was a great success! Held in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 18 – 19 April, the event gathered over hundreds of crypto professionals on the latest blockchain development and the emergence of initial exchange offerings (IEO).
Redefining Human Rights with Blockchain voting
Voting being one of the most important elements in a democracy, obtaining it is never an easy process in the past or even now. Can Blockchain fundamentally change how we think about human rights?

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