An exchange that allows users to process cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-related instruments transactions, such as buying, selling, depositing, and withdrawing their assets. There are usually two main types of exchanges available at present, one type that allows users to exchange their fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and another that only allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies. Exchanges can also be either centralized or decentralized, depending on the custody and the amount of control the operator of the exchange can exercise on the transactions.

FTX and Affected Parties Request Subpoenas for Information from close relatives
FTX subpoenas Sam Bankman-Fried and colleagues for bankruptcy proceedings.
Kazakhstan Seeks to Improve Cryptocurrency Trading Framework
DATF framework supports "AFSA's Strategy for 2022," which includes crypto framework development as one of three regulatory goals.
Binance shuts down accounts in relation to Bitzlato investigation
The U.S. Department of Justice announced action against Binance, which blocked accounts due to the Bitzlato probe.
Digital Surge narrowly avoids collapse
Digital Surge creditors agree five-year rescue plan to keep exchange running. KordaMentha will pay creditors from the exchange's quarterly net earnings over five years. Customers were sent the rescue plan on December 8.
Binance Admits to Storing Customer Funds in the same wallet
Binance maintains certain client assets in the same wallet as its collateral for in-house tokens. Binance moved the funds to collateral wallets after the disclosure. B-Tokens are 1:1 collateralized, according to the company.
Bitzlato crypto firm taken down
Europol: 46% of Bitzlato assets were unlawful. U.S. and European authorities confiscated $19.5 million in cryptocurrencies from crypto wallets.
Binance Informs Customers of Upcoming Service Disruption
Disruption begins February 1. U.S. Dollar-held bank account holders who use SWIFT to acquire or sell cryptocurrencies under $100,000 may be impacted. Binance needs a new SWIFT (USD) partner to prevent service delays.
Bybit CEO clarifies company's exposure to Genesis
Bybit CEO confirms $150 million Genesis Global Trading exposure. The crypto community has moved on from FTX's bankruptcy to other loan businesses, some of which are suing parent company Digital Currency Group.
Moonstone Bank to Exit Crypto Space
FTX's collapse may have damaged Farmington State Bank. Jean Chalopin, the Bahamas-based chairman of Deltec, another FTX banking partner, bought Moonstone Bank in 2020.
Coindesk May Be Sold as Parent Company DCG Struggles
CoinDesk may sell. Digital Currency Group (DCG), its parent firm, looks to be struggling financially. DCG has received many bids over $200 million for the media group in recent months.

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