Based in California, Coinbase is a digital currency exchange where merchants and consumers can transact with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Since the establishment in 2012, Coinbase has over 30m users with the transaction value exceeding $150m.

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Insider Trading and Cryptocurrency
Coinbase director Conor Grogan saw Binance-linked anonymous wallet transactions. The wallets acquired unlisted tokens minutes before their listing announcement on Binance's website and sold them shortly after, sparking suspicions of crypto insider trading.
Coinbase Lists KAVA, Advancing Ethereum–Cosmos Interoperability
Today, Coinbase has listed Kava and will launch a massive Learning Rewards Campaign to educate its user base about how Kava is leading the world to Web3.
Coinbase Leaves Japan After Trade Collapse
Coinbase announced its Japan exit on Jan. 18. Customers have a month to remove money and crypto from the site. After February 17, Coinbase Japan users' crypto holdings will be automatically converted to yen (JPY). From Jan. 20, fiat currency deposits are unavailable.
Coinbase Up 69%, MicroStrategy Up 74% From Lows
Since its Jan 6 lows, Coinbase's share price has climbed 69%. MicroStrategy and Block Inc. also gained. Bitfarms and Marathon Digital Holdings shares rose 140% and 120%. After selling at a 45% discount on Dec 28, it is presently at 36%. Some analysts attribute this to January 12's good U.S. inflation data.
Coinbase Study Reveals Global Law Enforcement Inquiries Skyrocket
Law enforcement has increased information demands to Coinbase. Crypto exchange queries are up 66%. US and three European nations submitted 80% of requests. Spain was one of six nations with more than doubled inquiries.
Trust Wallet connects Binance Pay and Coinbase Pay
Trust Wallet launched its browser extension, now available in Chrome and Opera browsers. The extension lets users store, send and receive crypto across all EVM chains and Solana networks. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao publicly endorsed Trust Wallet, stating "self-custody is a fundamental human right".
Coinbase Says Goodbye to Over 60 Employees
Crypto exchange Coinbase Global Inc has announced a fresh job cut of over 60 from its recruiting and institutional onboarding teams.
SEC Chair on FTX Collapse: Investors Need Better Protection
SEC Chair Gary Gensler says investors need more protection in the wake of FTX collapse
No Significant Risk Exposure to FTX or FTT, Says Coinbase CEO
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted that Coinbase has no significant exposure to FTX and its platform currency FTT, as well as Alameda's exposure.
Coinbase Ordered by BaFin to Ensure Proper Business Reorganization
German market regulator has instructed Coinbase to ensure its proper business reorganization

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