Blockchains incorporate several important features such as immutability, encryption and distributed storage, which combined makes secure peer-to-peer transactions possible and in turn has created the means to end human dependence on credit and thus credit intermediaries. Due to these features, blockchain has been referred to as ‘the Trust Machine’ and is forecasted to transfer the trust from agencies and institutions which are enforced by law to machine-based networks guaranteed by technology and mathematics.

The California DMV is set to digitize car titles and title transfers
The project modernises the DMV's record-keeping and reduces fraud by dealers selling defective autos.
SEC Probes Investment Advisers Offering Crypto Custody Without Proper Qualification
After the fall of FTX and the Ripple lawsuit in 2022, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is now looking into Wall Street corporations that may be violating custody regulations.
Kevin Rose, co-founder of Moonbirds, falls victim to phishing attack
Moonbirds co-founder Kevin Rose. He lost about $1.1 million in NFTs to a phishing fraud.
Elizabeth Warren Wants SEC to Double Down on Crypto Enforcement
Warren wants the SEC to "double down" on crypto enforcement. The U.S. senator said that the previous SEC administration "basically gave the green light" to a cryptocurrency market "full with trash tokens".
Flare Partners With Blockchain Security Specialist FYEO For Ongoing Audits
Flare is pleased to announce an official partnership with blockchain security specialist, FYEO. The firm will perform ongoing security audits of Flare’s codebases, providing actionable feedback to support safer smart contract development and help to minimize risk for all users of the network.
SAMA is Ramping Up Its Research into Central bank digital currencies
SAMA is expanding its central bank digital currency study (CBDCs). Saudi Vision 2030 aims to diversify the economy, decrease oil dependency, and improve public services.
Nifty Gateway Founders Resign
Nifty Gateway co-founders Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster are leaving Gemini. Gemini is suing Genesis Global, an insolvent cryptocurrency lender. "Technical leader" Eddie Ma and "non-tech leader" Tara Harris will head the platform.
China's "Instagram" chooses Conflux Network for permissionless blockchain integration
Little Red Book, (XiaohongShu), the Chinese version of Instagram integrates Conflux Network as permissionless blockchain allowing users to showcase NFTs minted on Conflux on their profile page in the digital collection section called ‘R-Space’.
The Wormhole hack: hacker shifts $155 million
On January 23, a DEX received $155 million in Ether. The Wormhole attack, which lost 120,000 Wrapped ETH on Feb. 2, was 2022's third biggest crypto heist.
New partnership to enable Bitcoin micropayments for content platforms
Crypto has enabled micro-monetization across businesses. Play-to-earn games and music streaming led this crypto integration. ZEBEDEE and Fountain, a value-for-value podcasting platform, partnered.

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