Stands for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that helps two separate applications communicate with one another. They define methods of communication between various components.

Injective Launches $150 Million Ecosystem
Injective, a layer-1 blockchain technology, is funding Cosmos network developers with $150 million. Pantera Capital, Kraken Ventures, Jump Crypto, and Gate Labs support the fund.
QuickNode Closes $60 Million Funding Round
QuickNode raised $60 million. Series B was the company's biggest round since October 2021. Quick Node hosts 16 blockchains, including Ethereum, Matic, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Solana.
Former FTX US Head Launches New Crypto Software
Former FTX US CEO launches bitcoin software startup. Brett Harrison's latest firm, Architect, received $5 million from investors. The firm will create crypto trading software for huge organisations.
CFTC Commissioner Questions VCs' Due Diligence
Investor due diligence in the failing crypto-exchange FTX has sparked concerns from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTCP). VCs had to write down their multimillion-dollar investments to practically nothing, raising "serious doubts" about their responsibility.
Silvergate Faces Another Securities Law Class-Action Suit
Silvergate Capital, owner of Silvergate Exchange Network and Silvergate Bank, was sued in a class action. The complaint says Silvergate's platform missed $425 million in money laundering. The action argues the class might comprise hundreds or thousands of New York Stock Exchange-traded Silvergate shares.
3Commas Refutes Allegations That Employees Stole API Keys
3Commas, a crypto trading business, denies social media screenshots. To freeze exchange accounts, CEO Yuriy Sorokin recommends filing a police case. The business says phishing attempts "contribute" to thefts.
Italy will tax cryptocurrency earnings 26%
Italy will restrict digital currencies in 2023. Cryptocurrency trading earnings above 2,000 euros ($2,062) will incur a 26% capital gains tax. As "foreign money," digital currencies have enjoyed reduced tax rates. Portugal wants to tax cryptocurrency capital gains at 28%.
Galois Capital Declares Half of its Funds is Stuck with FTX
Galois Capital has revealed it has significant exposure to the bankrupt FTX
DeFi Platform DFX Finance Says it Has Been Hacked for $7.5M
The stablecoin platform DFX Finance is the latest victim of a $7.5 million hack
Sequoia Capital's $213.5m Investments in FTX Marks Down to $0
Amid the liquidity crisis in FTX, Sequoia Capital announced to mark down its FTX investment to $0.

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