ChatGPT NSFW refers to a version or usage of the ChatGPT language model tailored for generating or discussing mature or explicit content. "NSFW" stands for "Not Safe For Work," indicating content that might be inappropriate or offensive, especially in professional or public settings. The emergence of ChatGPT NSFW has sparked significant discussions across various platforms. Users, especially on platforms like Reddit, have expressed a desire for a less restricted mode of the AI, specifically designed for mature themes. This interest underscores the broader debate about the boundaries and ethics of AI-generated content. While some advocate for the freedom to explore all facets of content generation, including NSFW, others raise concerns about potential misuse and the ethical implications of such content. The balance between user freedom, content appropriateness, and ethical considerations remains a central issue in discussions about ChatGPT NSFW. As AI continues to evolve, the demand for clear guidelines and responsible usage becomes increasingly paramount, especially in areas like NSFW content generation.

JPMorgan Collaborates with Indian Banks to Launch Blockchain-Based Dollar Settlement System, Reported Bloomberg
JPMorgan Chase & Co., the American multinational investment bank, has formed an alliance with six Indian banks to inaugurate a blockchain-based platform that will handle interbank dollar transactions within India's emerging International Financial Centre.
Goldman Sachs Starts Trading on JPMorgan’s Repo Blockchain Platform Onyx
Goldman Sachs Group has joined Onyx, an online trading platform based on the Ethereum blockchain created by JPMorgan Chase. It will use the platform to conduct smart contracts and a digital version of the dollar repurchase agreement.

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