Mastercard Launches Virtual Platform to Help Governments Test CBDCs
Payment giant Mastercard has unveiled a virtual platform that will enable central banks to assess and explore Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).
MasterCard Asia Files Device Billing System Patent Compatible With Iota’s Tangle Network
MasterCard patents blockchain system to help shared device merchants avoid credit card fees.
Visa Joins Mastercard and PayPal in Turning Bullish for Crypto and Digital Currencies
Shortly after Mastercard showed its hand on its stance on cryptocurrency, Visa published a blog announcing that the payments giant is advancing its approach towards digital currency. PayPal was recently rumored to have partnered with Paxos to provide crypto trading services.
Credit Giant MasterCard Grants Wirex First Principal Membership License
Wirex has become the first native cryptocurrency platform to be granted a principal membership license from credit giant Mastercard as part of their accelerated expansion into digital assets.
Facebook Moving Further Away From Libra, But Considering its Own Digital Token System
Facebook is now considering developing a system of digital tokens, pegged to different government-issued currencies including the US dollar and the euro. The new plan will still include Libra, although Libra Association, separately, will continue its work on the stablecoin pegged to a basket of global currencies.
Mastercard CEO Answers: The Reasons Behind Leaving Facebook’s Libra Association
Mastercard’s CEO, Ajay Banga, stated the reasons behind the company leaving Facebook’s Libra Association in an interview with the Financial Times. Having left the Libra Association in October last year alongside Visa and other firms, the Libra Association has seen eight firms quitting the project.
Vodafone Follows PayPal and Visa to Leave Facebook's Libra Association
Maybe what Facebook is not doing right that costs it to lose founding partners? Breaking news shows that Facebook’s Libra has lost another member of its council. This time round, Vodafone has confirmed to have left Libra Association.
Mastercard Still Betting on Blockchain Despite Pulling Out from Facebook’s Libra
Mastercard recently pulled out of the Libra Association, along with Visa and PayPal, however, it has been reported that the payment processor is not giving up on blockchain.
Mastercard Blockchain to Trace Produce for the Largest American Food Group
Mastercard is collaborating with Envisible, a supply-chain company, to allow the traceability of the origin of food products via Mastercard's blockchain-based Provenance Solution.
Libra Association - Visa and MasterCard Have Second Thoughts
Libra internal struggles. Visa and MasterCard consider leaving.

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