Commonly associated with the website CoinMarketCap in the crypto community, a market cap is the total value held in a cryptocurrency. The website lists nearly all cryptocurrencies’ market caps and serves as a major point of reference for investors.

BRC-20 Bitcoin Tokens Surpass $1 Billion Market Cap
BRC-20 Bitcoin tokens reached a market capitalization of $1 billion, with notable tokens like ORDI, NALS, VMPX, PEPE, and MEME experiencing price variance of between +11% and -55%. The token standard uses Ordinals and Inscriptions to manage token contracts, minting, and transfers on the Bitcoin blockchain.
US Crypto Crackdown Hurts USD Coin
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has blamed the declining market capitalization of USD Coin (USDC) on the cryptocurrency crackdown by US regulators. Allaire cited global concern about the US banking system and regulatory environment as major factors.
Cryptocurrency Soars in Q1 2023
CoinGecko's Q1 2023 Crypto Industry Report shows Bitcoin as the best-performing asset, with a gain of 72.4%. DeFi and NFTs have also surged, while stablecoins saw a drop in market cap due to Binance USD shutdown and USDC depeg. The overall market capitalization reached $1.2 trillion at the end of Q1.
Ether Surges to Over $1,900 Ahead of Staking Withdrawals
Ether breaks $1,900 for the first time in over seven months, ahead of the Ethereum Shanghai hard fork that will allow stakers to withdraw their ETH. The recent price increase may be driven by expectations of the Federal Reserve easing its quantitative tightening efforts and increased demand for Ether due to more flexible staking options.
Circle's Stablecoin USDC Affected by Collapsed Bank
Circle's USDC stablecoin briefly de-pegged after news that $3.3 billion of its cash reserves were stuck with collapsed bank Silicon Valley Bank. USDC's dollar peg has since recovered, but mass redemptions have led to a drop in the stablecoin's market cap by nearly 10% since March 11.
Bitcoin's Market Cap Surpasses Meta's Despite Turbulent Week for Crypto
Bitcoin's market cap has surpassed that of tech giant Meta, despite a turbulent week for the crypto market following the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Bitcoin's market cap has risen 9.7% in the past 24 hours, sitting at $471.86 billion and ranking it 11th among top assets by market cap.
Bitcoin NFTs to Hit $4.5B Market Cap
Galaxy Digital's research unit predicts that the Bitcoin nonfungible token (NFT) market could reach a $4.5 billion market cap by March 2025 based on conservative estimations. The report also outlines bear and bull case scenarios for the market.
Bitcoin Flips Visa Again
Bitcoin (BTC) market valuation surpassed Visa's after a near 50% price increase in 2023. BTC has "flipped" the payment giant three times.
Crypto Market Cap Slumps Below $900B for the First Time Since Jan 2021
The downfall of FTX has stirred a slump in the combined crypto market cap below $900B
Crypto Prices This Week: Market Cap Stays above $1 Trillion, BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB, AR
The crypto market is generally higher at the start of this week but continues holding a sideways pattern.

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