Kin (KIN) is a decentralized ecosystem of digital services for daily life, it is also a new digital currency created by the team behind Kik.

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Kik Survives Legal Battle With the SEC, Kin Crypto to Continue Trading on Exchanges
The Kin Foundation has disclosed that both itself and the cryptocurrency has survived the dispute with the US SEC.
Australian Business Icon Dick Smith Threatens The Guardian With Lawsuit Over Bitcoin Scam Ads
Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith is threatening The Guardian with legal action after it hosted ads linked to fake news of Smith supporting a Bitcoin and crypto scam.
Crypto Escrow Company Promises Bitcoin, Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Client Over $3 Million
Jon Barry Thompson, the executive of Volantis Market Making cryptocurrency escrow company, has pleaded guilty in a crypto escrow scam worth $3.25 million.
US SEC Wins Lawsuit Against Kik’s $100 Million Unregistered ICO
US Judge Alvin Hellerstein rules in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the regulator's lawsuit against Kik’s 100 million 2017 ICO.
Tezos Settles Class-Action Lawsuit Over 2017 $232 Million ICO to the Tune of $25 Million
Tezos Foundation has settled for $25 million in a class-action lawsuit over its 2017 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which raised $232 million.
Ripple Faces Trademark Lawsuit in Australia for 'PayID' Infringement
Ripple Labs is facing a lawsuit by New Payments Platform Australia (NPPA) for allegedly violating intellectual property rights for the branding of ‘PayID’.
‘Big Four’ Tech Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook Grilled During US Antitrust Hearing
In an antitrust hearing with the Judiciary Committee of US Congress, the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google testified, as a continuation of an unfinished legal conversation with lawmakers.
California Man Pleads Guilty to Running Illegal Bitcoin ATMs and Money Laundering
Kais Mohammad has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges of operating an illegal Bitcoin ATM business that laundered over $25 million.
Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Sues Google and YouTube Over Fraudulent Bitcoin Scam Videos
Legal team for Steve Wozniak, co-founder of tech powerhouse Apple, announced a lawsuit against YouTube and their parent company Google alleging that the media companies failed to take down fraudulent videos that impersonated Wozniak to drive Bitcoin funds.
Facebook, Google, Twitter Face $600 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Cryptocurrency Ad Ban
The trio of Facebook, Google and Twitter have been slammed by a $600 million class-action lawsuit by a group of companies and individuals backed by Sydney based JPB Liberty

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