Internet of Things (IoT) is where all things are connected and their are changeable. "Things" typically refers to electronic devices that has capabilities to sensor and connect, like wearable, computers. Why IoT matters? IoT makes the world smarter. With IoT, we can have smart city, smart grid, smart water,etc. It is actually through its capabilities of sending, receiving and (or) processing data, bringing more timely valuable data and insights. The market size prediction What problems are IoT facing?

Riot Blockchain Generates $79.8m Revenue with YoY Increase of 244%
Riot Blockchain's first-quarter earnings from 2022 showed a new record of total revenue for the quarter. It was up 244% year-over-year to $79.8 million, and its bitcoin production increased year-over-year in the first quarter of 2022 by 186% to 1,405 BTC.
Riot Blockchain Mined 508 BTCs, Increased 150% in April
The production growth is attributed to Riot Blockchain’s continued investment resources in its plants and advanced mining chips.
Global Blockchain IoT Market Expected to Generate Returns Worth $5.8 Billion by 2026
The global blockchain IoT market is expected to offer a revenue of $5.802 billion by 2026, driven by factors like IoT being increasingly implemented by mand end-use industries worldwide.
Iota Floats Smart Contracts Beta with Zero Execution Fee
The Iota Foundation has launched its smart contract functionality which it said is now available in IOTA 2.0 DevNet.
Riot Blockchain Yearly Bitcoin Production Increases by 236%, Accumulates $194M in BTC
NASDAQ-listed blockchain mining company Riot Blockchain announced the production capacity of BTC in September has increased by about 346% year-on-year to 406 BTC.
Global Blockchain IoT Market Expects to Record $5.8 Billion Revenue by 2026
According to a report by Indian-based market research firm Research Dive, the global blockchain IoT sector will likely register a revenue of $5.802 billion by 2026.
IOTA's Bullish Momentum Continues as Chrysalis Phase 2.0 to be Launched Soon
The decentralized ledger platform IOTA is preparing to launch Chrysalis Phase 2.0, also known as the final phase of IOTA 1.5, and this will be a major milestone.
IOTA Price Hits Three-Year High as Foundation Announces New Acquisitions
Although Bitcoin suffered a sharp correction, reaching a low of $53,000 yesterday, other cryptocurrencies such as IOTA (MIOTA) performed bullishly.
Largest U.S. Public Pension Fund Holds Over 100,000 Shares in Bitcoin Miner RIOT Blockchain
The largest U.S. public pension fund, CalPERS increased its stake in RIOT Blockchain (RIOT), a Bitcoin mining firm, during Bitcoin’s sensational price surge at the end of 2020.
French Man Who Paid $500,000 In Bitcoin to Activists Involved in US Capitol Hill Riot Leaves Behind A Suicide Note
A Frenchman, who paid more than $500,000 In Bitcoin to Trump supporters left behind a scathing suicide note justifying his health difficulties.

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