Etherscan is an Ethereum block explorer and analytics platform. Using the application enables scan searches of Ethereum block details such transaction details, addresses, prices, tokens and other information. Other tools similar to Etherscan are;,,

TempleDAO Hacker Moves Stolen Funds to Sanctioned Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
According to data from block explorer, Etherscan, the attacker of the TempleDAO hack, has moved the funds stolen via the recently sanctioned crypto mixer, Tornado Cash.
Etherscan Made 100% Inaccessible by China's Great Firewall, one of the most widely used Ethereum block explorers, was found to be inaccessible from IP addresses inside of mainland China. According to the tests performed locally, the country’s Great Firewall, which is used by the government to regulate citizens’ access to foreign internet sites has blocked the Ethereum blockchain data site.

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