Elon Musk is a tech entrepreneur who has co-founded and leads Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company. "As the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon leads all product design, engineering and global manufacturing of the company's electric vehicles, battery products and solar energy products."

Dogecoin: Not All Cryptos Are Created Equal
What do Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, and Gene Simmons have in common? They've all come out as proponents of Dogecoin, the one-time joke cryptocurrency. While Doge might be spiking, it's important to remember that no all cryptos are created equal.
MicroStrategy CEO says Tesla has De-Risked BTC Acquisition for Public Companies
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is thrilled that Elon Musk and Tesla finally took the bet on Bitcoin and believes the other public companies will now ramp up BTC purchases.
Crypto Community Braces For Altcoin Explosion As Bitcoin Smashes New ATH
As Bitcoin surged to a new all-time high, there is a growing expectation for altcoin season to commence as new retail investors flock to cryptocurrency.
Tesla Inc Purchases $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and Plans to Begin Accepting BTC Payments
As per the US SEC filing announced on Monday, February 8, Tesla has invested $1.5 billion into Bitcoin and intends to accept the crypto payments.
DOGE Price Frenzy: Mike Novogratz and Peter McCormack Warn Dogecoin Bull Run Will End Poorly
Mike Novogratz and Peter McCormack have warned against the current Dogecoin bull run, as Elon Musk continues to fuel the bull run
Elon Musk Says "Dogecoin Is The People's Crypto"
Elon Musk just declared that "Dogecoin is the people's crypto," sending the price of the cryptocurrency up by more than 53% in the past 24 hours.
Elon Musk says He’s “Off Twitter For a While” After Sending DOGE and BTC Soaring
Elon Musk is taking a break from Twitter after a few weeks of market-moving opinions on Dogecoin and Bitcoin.
Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis Bought Bitcoin for Value Store and Censorship Resistance
Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis is now bullish on Bitcoin, promises to educate her colleagues in Congress on Bitcoin, Financial innovation
Elon Musk Influence on the Price of Bitcoin Has Almost Faded Away
The price of Bitcoin which surged after Elon Musk updated his Twitter profile status to feature Bitcoin is now dropping. The CEO's influence did not usher in a new BTC ATH.
Elon Musk Backs Bitcoin as His “Favourite” Crypto, Dogecoin Becomes First Altcoin to Outrank BTC in Tweet Volume
In the past 24 hours, Dogecoin has exponentially grown on the back of GameStop (GME)’s success, much to the delight of the cryptocurrency community.

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