The separation of powers and duties originally attributed to a central power or entity to a network or group of entities. In terms of blockchain technology, decentralization often results in the removal of the third party intermediary of transactions, such as banks and government bodies, and allows individual transaction participants to deal directly with each other with the help of individual independent validators who are part of the network of users.

Binance Research: Ethereum's Roadmap for Scalability and Decentralization
Binance Research reports Ethereum's focus on scalability and decentralization, with Layer-2 solutions and Danksharding being key components. The transition to Proof-of-Stake in 2023 leads to a 257.7% increase in mainnet data publishing fees.
Block's 5nm Bitcoin Mining Chip Prototype
Block has completed the prototype design for its 5nm Bitcoin mining chip, with plans to decentralize the supply of mining rigs through open-source technology. The company has purchased a large batch of ASIC chips from Intel to fast-track development of its proprietary 3nm chip.
Vitalik Buterin Proposes Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines on Ethereum Layer 1
Vitalik Buterin suggests implementing zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machines (zk-EVMs) on the Ethereum base layer to accelerate the verification process on the blockchain without compromising decentralization and security. The technology enables smart contract execution on the blockchain with ZK proofs. It would be the third type of Ethereum client, along with the consensus and execution clients. By integrating zk-EVMs at the Ethereum layer 1, Ethereum would remain decentralized and new clients could be developed, further decentralizing Ethereum at the base layer.
Core's Revolutionary Satoshi Plus Consensus Marries Decentralization, Security, and Scalability
Core is a novel layer one blockchain that is pushing the boundaries within the crypto space. Inspired by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Core progresses beyond those blockchain behemoths by synthesizing each of their superpowers. A student of blockchain history, philosophy, and innovation, Core optimally balances decentralization, security, and scalability.
White House Report Casts Doubt on Cryptocurrencies
The White House's Economic Report includes a chapter questioning the benefits of cryptocurrencies, with 35 pages dedicated to debunking them. It argues that crypto assets fail to deliver on their promised benefits, and that they are too volatile to be a stable store of value or reliable medium of exchange.
Alexis Ohanian bought 50000 ETH
Ohanian founded 776 Venture Capital using his early ETH and Coinbase investments.
Bitcoin Flips Visa Again
Bitcoin (BTC) market valuation surpassed Visa's after a near 50% price increase in 2023. BTC has "flipped" the payment giant three times.
The DeFi space is on a path of steady recovery as good actors, MakerDAO, SushiSwap, and Aave were among 30 protocols engaged.
Billionaire Ray Dalio believes that fiat is in jeopardy
A Bitcoin admirer said the billionaire is close to "really understanding Bitcoin."
The Bank for International Settlements Introduces the DeFi Stack Reference
A BIS working paper examined decentralised finance (DeFi). The article detailed DeFi protocol architecture, primitives, and functions. It advised risk assessment during integration with conventional finance.

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