It also is known as the digital decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO served as a form of investor-directed venture capital fund that seeks to provide the enterprise with new decentralized business models. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, The DAO’s code was open-source. The organization set the record for most crowdfunded projects in 2016, however, those funds were partially stolen by hackers cause an Ethereum hard-fork that created Ethereum Classic.

First US DAO to battle SEC without lawyers
In its 2021 SEC filing, the DAO listed its native, interdependent tokens — the stablecoin Ducat and governance token Locke. The regulator has started the process of issuing a stop order, citing a slew of issues with the registration. American CryptoFed plans to file a motion to extend the deadline for responding to the SEC's Order Instituting Administrative Proceedings.
Tron DAO to Purchase 1 billion USDT to Combat Short Sellers
The Tron Dao reserve is now set to purchase 1 billion USDT to combat short sellers and bring the stablecoin USDT back to its normal price.
Puerto Rico Police Say No Evidence of Foul Play in MakerDao Co-Founder’s Death
On Friday, local district police in Puerto Rico announced the results of the investigation into the death of MakerDAO Co-Founder Nikolai Mushegian. The report said there is no evidence of criminal elements involved in the death.
ApeCoin DAO Signs Off on a $4.4M Bug Bounty
ApeCoin DAO has agreed to launch a $4.4M bug bounty on ImmuneFi
Shapeshift Migrate Users to Open-Source Mobile App Boosting Decentralization
Shapeshift has now created a new open-source app to which users will have to migrate, to take additional steps into complete decentralization.
Binance Now Ranked as the Second Largest Voting Power in Uniswap DAO
Binance is now ranked as the second-largest voter in the Uniswap DAO after a16z
DeFi TVL Rebounds to the $54 Billion Mark, Eth-based MakerDAO Remains Dominant Lender
The total value locked (TVL) in DeFi rebonds to approximately $54 billion currently. The TVL has been down since October 12, trading between $53.7 and $53.29 billion level.
TempleDAO Hacker Moves Stolen Funds to Sanctioned Crypto Mixer Tornado Cash
According to data from block explorer, Etherscan, the attacker of the TempleDAO hack, has moved the funds stolen via the recently sanctioned crypto mixer, Tornado Cash.
Stablecoin Issuer MakerDAO Invests $500m into U.S Treasuries & Corporate Bonds
The move is an attempt by MakerDAO to diversify its holdings by allocating $500 million for investment in U.S. short treasuries and corporate bonds.
Mythical Games Unveils Mythos Foundation DAO, Mythos Token to Democratize Web3 Gaming
Mythical Games enlisted 22 partner companies and several big-name advisors in an effort to bring decentralization to Web3 gaming through the launch of the foundation and the token.

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