Based in California, Coinbase is a digital currency exchange where merchants and consumers can transact with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin.

Since the establishment in 2012, Coinbase has over 30m users with the transaction value exceeding $150m.

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Coinbase Secures Registered VASP from Dutch Central Bank
Nasdaq-listed digital currency trading giant Coinbase Global Inc has announced its official registration as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank — DNB).
Coinbase to Release New Fee Schedule
The new fee schedule will adjust tiers, and change the taker and maker fee structure for transaction tiers above $100,000-$1 million.
Coinbase Launches New App, Providing Crypto Policy Advocacy Information for Midterm Election
Brian Armstrong, the founder of Coinbase Brian Armstrong, said he plans to add encryption policy content to Coinbase trading app for the upcoming US midterm elections.
Binance to Bolster Crypto Utility With New Cashback Feature
Binance Exchange, the world’s largest digital currency trading platform by volume has unveiled its new crypto cashback program for all Binance Card holders
Coinbase Backs Lawsuit against US Treasury over Tornado Cash Sanctions
A group of crypto users are challenging the US Treasury Department's sanctions of Tornado Cash in court. Coinbase is backing the legal action.
Coinbase Cloud Adds Solana Archive Node
Blockchain infrastructure protocol Coinbase Cloud launches Solana Archive Node to help developers build better products and services on Solana.
Coinbase Says it Will List Potential Forked Tokens Following Post-Ethereum Merge
Ethereum's merge is drawing nearer. Coinbase has said it will evaluate potential fork tokens that might emerge after the merge.
Coinbase to Launch 2nd Crypto Derivatives Product-Nano Ether Futures for Retail Brokers
Coinbase Derivatives Exchange (formerly FairX) will launch its second crypto derivatives product, Nano Ether Futures Contracts (ET) on August 29.
PayPal Joins Coinbase TRUST Network to Comply with Travel Rule
Coinbase has welcomed PayPal for joining TRUST, a global coalition that offers top-tier privacy and security safeguards to clients across jurisdictions while complying with the Travel Rule.
Coinbase COO Choi Joins Okta's Board of Directors
Prior to joining Coinbase in 2018, Emilie Choi had spent more than 8 years working for LinkedIn - initially as a VP of business and data, after which she took on the role of COO in 2018.

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