Chainalysis is the blockchain analysis company. They bring transparency to the blockchain world by providing compliance and investigation software. Their clients include the world’s leading banks, businesses, and governments.

DeFi Hack Linked to North Korea
The $197 million DeFi hack on Euler Finance has been linked to North Korea after blockchain investigator Chainalysis identified that 100 ETH from the stolen funds was transferred to an address associated with North Korea-linked actors. While Chainalysis suspected the involvement of North Korea, it highlighted the possibility of misdirection by other hackers. Euler Labs CEO expressed disappointment in the hack, revealing that ten separate audits over two years assured its security.
Eastern Asia’s Crypto Market Growth Halts, China's Crypto Transaction Volume Drops by 31% YoY
Eastern Asia's crypto growth came to a near standstill since last year triggered China crackdowns.
High Risk Crypto Activity on The Rise in Eastern Europe Amid Russia-Ukraine War - Chainalysis
Illicit cryptocurrency activities have increased in the region driven by economic sanctions.
BNY Mellon Launches Crypto Custody Service - Report
Bank of New York (BNY) Mellon has announced that its digital assets custody service is now live as it seeks to deepen its foothold in the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.
MENA Region Emerges as The Fastest Growing Crypto Market: Chainalysis Report
Much of the crypto growth in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is driven by savings preservation, remittance payments, and friendly crypto regulations.
Crypto Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa Rises, Study Shows
Many young people in Sub-Saharan Africa are taking the cryptocurrency route to build and preserve wealth despite low economic opportunities.
Crypto Adoption Grows among Asian Countries, Says Chainalysis Report
Chainalysis has released the analysis report, showing that countries in Central & Southern Asia and Oceania (CSAO) region received more than $900 billion in crypto value from July 2021 to June 2022.
Chainalysis Partners with US Regulators to Recover $30m from Ronin Loot
Blockchain analytics and security service provider, Chainalysis has helped in the recovery of $30 million in funds stolen from the Ronin Bridge by the elite North Korean hacking outfit, Lazarus Group.
Crypto Scam Revenue Has Dropped by 65% in 2022: Chainalysis
Illicit crypto volumes have been diminishing year-over-year, with scams taking the lion’s drop share, according to a report by blockchain analytic firm Chainalysis.
Pro-Russia Groups Evaded Sanctions With Over $2M Crypto Donations
American blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis, has released a detailed report on how over $2 million in cryptocurrency donations have been used to fund the Russian-wing of the war in Ukraine

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