Central Bank is an institution in charge of monetary policies and regulating commercial banks. The core function of central banks is money issuance (money supply) and the decision on the interest rate through a basket of monetary policies and tools.

Customers Trust in Banks More than in Crypto, France Central Bank Governor Says
Bank of France Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau has expressed his view that the current extreme volatility facing the crypto market has made consumers lose trust in cryptocurrencies.
Brazil Considers CBDC Project as a Means to Innovate Digitally: Economist
The development of CBDC means several things to several people, and for Brazil, it is a broad complement to its already transforming payment ecosystem.
9 in 10 Central Banks are Eyeing CBDCs, BIS Study Shows
90% of apex banks have shown intentions of rolling out central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), according to a study by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
Central Bank of Russia Intends to Bring Crypto to Stock Exchanges
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is reportedly making plans to permit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to start trading on the nation’s regulated stock exchanges.
Sudan’s Central Bank Warns Citizens against Crypto
The Central Bank has cautioned citizens against investing in crypto, which now has gained much popularity among investors across the globe.
Canadian Central Bank Partners with MIT for CBDC Research
Although the Bank of Canada still has no plans to issue a Central Bank Digital Currency, it has accelerated its research on such a project.
The Russia-Ukraine War Might Accelerate CBDC Issuance, Former BOJ Official Says
The sanctions slapped on Russia based on its invasion of Ukraine might prompt more nations to adopt CBDCs as a shield against the U.S. dollar’s supremacy in the global financial system.
Elrond Gets the Greenlight from Romania Central Bank In-Principle for Acquiring Payments Firm Twispay
The acquisition is set to enable Elrond to operate e-money services across several countries in the European Union.
Russian Banks Seeks Help from China's UnionPay amid Crackdown from Mastercard & Visa
In a bid to mitigate the strain on the users of these payment service providers, the Russian Central Bank said some of its indigenous financial institutions are looking at integrating UnionPay.
Hungarian Central Bank Governor Advocates EU Wide Crypto Ban
The Governor of the Hungarian Central Bank, György Matolcsy, recommended that all cryptocurrency-focused activities including trading and mining should be banned across the European Union.

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