Central Bank is an institution in charge of monetary policies and regulating commercial banks. The core function of central banks is money issuance (money supply) and the decision on the interest rate through a basket of monetary policies and tools.

Bank of Japan will test digital yen with three megabanks
Bank of Japan is working with three megabanks and regional banks to issue CBDCs. The pilot will test the issue of Japan's digital yen in 2023. 2026 ruling on digital currency.
Russian law legalises crypto mining, sales under 'experimental legal system'
Cryptocurrency mining and sale of the cryptocurrency mined could be legal in Russia if a bill is passed by parliament. A Russian platform for cryptocurrency sales will be set up if the law is passed, and Russian miners will be able to use foreign platforms. Russian currency controls and regulations would not apply to the transactions, but they would have to be reported to the Russian tax service.
UAE's Central Bank Completes Wholesale CBDC Pilot Program
UAE's Central Bank has completed running its wholesale CBDC trials, readying for the next development phase.
BIS Launches Project Icebreaker with Central Banks to Explore CBDC
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has rolled out Project Icebreaker with the central banks of Sweden, Norway, and Israel to see how CBDCs can be utilized for international remittance and retail payments.
Slow to Incorporate Crypto Regulations Could Fuel Arbitrage Risk: French Central Banker
Francois Villeroy de Galhau, the governor of the French Central Bank, has warned of the risks of arbitrage that may be fueled by uneven crypto regulations on the global scale.
France’s CBDC Projects to Manage DeFi Liquidity, Settle Tokenized Assets
The Bank of France is currently working on its second stage of experimentation in wholesale central bank digital currency (CBDC).
CBDCs Require Balance between Data Access & User Privacy Protection, HashCash CEO Says
CBDC would need a delicate balancing act between data access and user privacy protection in terms of taming illegal activities, according to HashCash Consultants CEO Raj Chowdhury.
Saudi Central Bank Hires Former Accenture CEO To Drive Crypto Ambitions
Mohsen Al Zahrani is tasked with supporting digital assets business development activities, including central bank digital currency.
South Africa's Monetary Authority Ask Banks to Work with Crypto Exchanges
South Africa’s Central Bank has released new guidelines stating that banks in the country may act as a channel for funds tied to crypto asset service providers.
ECB Publishes New Guideline on Regulated Digital Asset Licensing
The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued new licensing guidelines for regulating digital assets, although it currently does not have a unified regulatory framework governing crypto-asset activities and services.

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